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Amma's Sex Slave


This is a personal account of my life's experiences. All the characters and incidents are real. I dedicate this article to my beautiful sexy loving insatiable mother, Bharathi Devi from whose Cunt I was born and have been trying relentlessly to go back into her cunt. My name is Shiva. I am 30 and my mother is 50 now. She was a school teacher and now is a College lecturer.

My mother, Bharathi Devi is a Sex goddess. Bharathi Devi is 5' 6" tall, heavyset, fat, plump, curvaceous, voluptuous, gigantic, big and beautiful woman. She has beautiful sexy fantastic figure, large expressive eyes, pleasant pectorals, round face, thick sensuous juicy lips, heavy, large, conical, voluminous, watermelon-like breasts, thick fat layered midriff, inverted pots-like ass, blemish less clear smooth glowing oily skin; long, thick, jet black, silky, smooth, lustrous, shining hair reaching her knees. She is a sexy, tall, big and beautiful 'Padmini' woman as per Vatsayana kamasutra; every inch of her body exudes sexuality and feminineness.

She is a Madahastini, Madonmatha gandha gajendrini kamarani, kamarupini, Kama swarupini, Kamuki, Kamadasi, kamadevatha, Kamakshi, Kamasundari, Kameswari, Kamini. She was a school teacher and now is a lecturer.

Mother's physique can be best described as combination of KR vijaya and Jyothilakshmi, yesteryear's heroine and vamp respectively, in south Indian movies. She at times resembles the Goddesses like Saraswathi, Lakshmi and Parvathi, and women in epics like Draupadi, Kunthi, Tara, we see in Ravivarma pictures and photos; and worship. Mother's breasts, thighs and ass are much bigger than those of KR Vijaya and Jyothilakshmi. Her breasts and ass protrude out of her saree and her braid swings like a pendulum on her fat protruding inverted pots-like hips, while she walks. When she dresses in kanjeevaram pure silk saree covering her voluminous assets, men would like to worship her as goddess. And when she dresses either in thin, mysore silk saree or synthetic chiffon see through saree worn three inches below her round deep fat navel revealing her breasts and cleavage through her very low and wide cut blouse, and her deep fat navel, men look at her with carnal animal desire, but also get doubt whether they would be able to satisfy her sexually. She has a cheerful smiling face and positive attitude and all the people around her admire her. When she goes to temple men look at her either with admiration and worship or with admiration and sexual desire depending on the style and attire she presents herself.

Mother's height = 167 cm, Weight = 90 Kg

Mother's BMI=32.2 Vital Statistics = 38DD-36-48

Waist to hips ratio (WHR) 0.75

On a Sunday afternoon, I came back home, opened the front gate, noticed that the main door to the house was closed; which was normally left open and the scooter of Rao uncle was outside. Rao is my mom's colleague and comes home regularly, apparently to discuss about school programs. Being inquisitive and curious by nature, I went around and observed that the window of my parents' bedroom was slightly open and I heard some strange noises. I went near, peeped in and was shocked. I saw my mom fully naked, her voluminous boobs hanging, long thick jet black soft smooth shining silky hair let loose cascading on her back, spreading onto the floor. She was on her knees, her thighs spread wide, and her juicy cunt open. Rao was hungrily licking, sucking and lapping up her cunt from behind like a dog. Rao's erect cock was throbbing. He was caressing mom's hair and moaning.

I was shocked, frustrated, hurt, angry and helpless. My first reaction was to go into the house and beat Rao uncle. But I was also aroused seeing my mom naked beauty and the scene. I silently watched mother and Rao, with excitement and pleasure. My mother asked him to lie on the bed. His cock was rigid and up. Mother mounted him. I could see his cock slowly entering and sliding up mom's wide open juice drenched Cunt. Her big voluminous breasts were hanging on his face. He was caressing her heavy hanging boobs. Mom started moving herself up and down, fucking him wildly. Watching mom fuck, my cock became hard, rigid, and turgid. I watched mother fucking him with energetic thrusts, her huge pendulous breasts swinging.

I watched Rao's cock going in coming out of mom's cunt, as she was straddling and fucking him, rising and lowering her ass, her hair spread on both sides of her back, her big, heavy, voluminous breasts swinging. And all of a sudden, mother let out a wild scream, lowered down herself on Rao. I could see her cunt muscles gripping his cock, spasmodically, gripping and loosening. Her entire body was shivering in ecstasy as she reached orgasm after orgasm. I could see white thick cum flowing out of mom's cunt. Her entire body was shining with perspiration. I could never ever forget that scene, etched in my mind forever; mom reaching orgasm, her face became more beautiful and desirable.

Watching mother, I felt strange sensation and pleasure, all my blood running into my cock, I ejaculated thick hot sperm. After few minutes, Rao's limp cock slipped out of mother's cunt; mother got up, stood next to the bed naked, her legs spread wide, Rao kneeled down between her legs, cleaned mother's cunt and thighs with a towel. Mother arranged her hair into a loose knot, resting on her back between the shoulders, dressed up, and came out. After Rao went away, I entered the hall; saw her sitting in sofa, her face glowing with satisfaction, content, and pleasure. Her beauty and sexuality enhanced in some unexplained way, her face glowing and looked more beautiful after the fucking. Her hair in a loose knot, her saree crumpled pallu half covering her breasts. It was a scene permanently etched in my mind.

I sat next to her, I was calm and depressed. My mom asked me why I was moody.

I asked her, "Why Rao was spending so much time with you?"

"It's none of your business, you are too young to understand" she replied angrily.

"I will inform dad when he comes" I said.

"What? Are you going to inform your dad?"

"I am going to tell dad that Rao is your lover", I said, looking down at her feet.

My mother slapped me hard and started beating me with cane. Tell your Dad. What possibly can he do to me? Tell me what your father can do to me?

Despite the pain, my cock became hard.

Mother observed my erection, straining through my pants. "What can he do? Even if you tell your so called father?" she demanded.

Looking at the bulge in my pants, she added, "I need a man to give me pleasure, if your so-called father is capable of giving me the pleasure and satisfaction as much as I need and deserve, I do not need any other man. I need a man to satisfy my desires. Do you understand that?" And I can see your cock is hard now, perhaps you have seen me fucking. She left the room. That night, I refused to eat my dinner; mother cajoled and fed me, saying she was sorry for beating me.

Daily, I watched helplessly, my mother fucking Rao in various poses, almost every night, and some times during the day time too. Mostly it was mother who was always on top fucking him. I observed that she was always controlling him. It has become a compulsive obsession for me, to watch mother fuck.

I was ordered to keep guard sitting in the hall every time Rao comes home to get fucked by mom. Many a time mother used to send me to call Rao. Everyone in the village came to know about mother's affair with Rao, since he was visiting our house regularly, every night. People started talking about my mother, my friends used to tease me. Every male - young and old in the village was looking at mother with desire.

Mother used to read sex magazines brought by Rao and experiment various sexual positions with Rao. Mother also used to read Vatsayana Kamasutra. I used read them secretly. Mother also authored stories based on her own experiences and sent to those magazines under the pen name of Kamini. I knew because, I used to post them to Magazines. I also read her published stories in those magazines.

My father became aware of mother's affair, during one of his visit. He confronted, quarreled and even beaten mother. That evening, Mother dressed up in a thin chiffon light pink see-through saree worn three inches below her deep navel and a very low and wide neck blouse, and laced petticoat. Her knee-length hair was freshly washed in the evening, arranged Jasmine mala (mallepulu- gajra) adorning her calf-length braid up to her ass. Mother was looking sexier, inviting and desirable. In the night, I witnessed to my surprise, my father requesting, cajoling and pleading with mother, kneeling down on his knees, in front of mother at her feet, asking for forgiveness, while mother sat on the bed, her feet on the floor. Mother removed her blouse, bra, saree, and loosened petticoat's knot. Father pulled down the petticoat as she lifted her bottom. I could see clearly her beautiful pink cunt petals, thick black curly pubic hair and her engorged big clit.

Moving to the edge of the bed, she placed her thighs on both sides of father's shoulders, her legs crossing on his back, forced him forward, rubbed her cunt against his face, and said

"Eat my cunt, my dear husband (Na puku tineyara, moguda)".

I could see mother's stiffened, engorged, pink and moistened clitoris, and her thick and rosy cunt lips, as she spread her thunderous fat thighs wide apart. Father's tongue caressed her clit and licked her cunt lips. He was slowly lapping up mother's cunt, licking her cunt, clitoris and inside of her thighs. He pressed his lips to mother's cunt lips and slurped her juices as if he was sucking the juice from a ripened juicy mango fruit, making loud noise.

"Oh! Good. You are an expert in eating my cunt", she said pressing father's head towards her cunt. Closing her thighs tight around his face, "You suck better than your father, my dear husband, I wish I can take all of you inside my cunt. You aroused me, now I fuck you". She got up, touched and caressed father's cock with her feet, ordered him to lie down on the bed. Father's cock was of medium length but very thick, rigid and up.

Involuntarily, I looked at my stiff cock, and was amused even at that young age my cock was bigger, longer and thicker than that of my father's and Rao's. Mother mounted atop father sliding his cock into her Cunt. Her pendulous, big watermelon-like breasts were hanging onto father's face. Father took one of her nipples into his mouth sucking and started caressing and stroking her other breast, while mother continued to fuck him. It was a long drawn extensive, exhaustive and exhausting fucking for both of them. I started masturbating watching my mother fucking father and listening to her lewd, obscene, and vulgar abuses and commentary.

"Hey, Husband, You are fucking the same cunt, your father fucked. I should have married your father. Though you are my husband to the society, your father was my real husband, my man, who fucked me and satisfied my desires and impregnated me. I never looked at any other man while he was alive. You are like my step son. But I permit you to fuck me. I need to be fucked regularly. So fuck me. Don't dare to threaten me, even if I fuck some one else, be happy I allow you to eat my cunt, and fuck you. I realized that I have so much sexual desire only after your father died and I started fucking other men."

"Yes, amma, fuck me. Please fuck me." Father said.

"You know, what my son Shiva said, when he saw me fucking Rao? He will inform you about my fucking Rao. He does not know you are his half brother; he is your father's son and hence becomes my brother-in-law. I saw his rigid cock, straining out of his pants. I saw his big long thick cock when he takes bath, It's bigger and better than even your father's." mother said fucking rhythmically. She continued her vigorous energetic fucking, holding on to father's shoulders. You know what happened, When I beat him the other day, instead of crying, he got an erection, I could see his cock stiffening through his half pant. I should have fucked him then. I think he wants to fuck me- he wants his cock in my cunt.

She slowed down her fucking, lowered herself down onto father started grinding, her ass moving in rotating motion and then suddenly she let out a wild scream, her body shivering, she took father's head into her hands pressed him against her breasts, pressed her self against him. She reached orgasm violently. After some time, she got up walked naked towards the bathroom which was at the back of the house. Father followed her. I walked silently in the shades and watched. Mother stood there, father kneeled down washed her cunt, cunt lips, thighs and legs with water and wiped with towel lovingly. It was a revelation to me listening to mother, that I was a real bastard, I was the son of my grandfather and mother, and my so-called father was really my half brother. And mother was fucking him, her step son.

Father left next day, Mother had beaten me suspecting it was I who told father about her affair. I told her that all the people in the village knew that Rao was her lover.

"Oh! All the people knew. That fellow Rao must have been bragging." "Yes, amma, every one in the village teases me, calling me "bastard - lanjakodaka." I said.

That night mother slapped and beaten up Rao while fucking him and told him not to see her again.

Rao got himself transferred to a different place and I was greatly relieved. However, strange thoughts developed in my mind. Frequently I used to dream about my mom without clothes and I was in the place of Rao fucking mother. Mother is fucking her step son, why can't she fuck her own son? I used to see her half naked and get aroused. Surprisingly I somehow never felt guilty.

One a Sunday, the headmaster of her school came to our house. Mother was dressed to kill, in a see through saree and was talking to him intimately. They both went to the bed room and I was asked to stay in the hall to keep watch. I went around the house and positioned at the bed room window peeping through the curtains. Both of them were naked, I could see mother taking the lead role, riding him and fucking him.

Normally every Saturday, he comes to our house in the pretext of discussing curriculum and some school affairs. One Saturday I stayed at home. As I was not going out, I could notice my mom getting very restless. The Headmaster came and did some petty talk with me and my mom. I left the house and went to the Village Panchayat building where our friends usually gather. One ex-student of my mother asked me, whether my mother sent me away since her new lover came to our house, and another person said, "Ask your mother whether I can also make her happy."

Every one laughed at me. Another person said, "All men in the village, young or old are ready to make your mother happy. Most of the men in the village wait for your mother, to look at her while going to school and coming back. She has become the dream woman of every man in the village." I knew it was the fact. Many a time I heard the comments, many a time when mother was walking to the school, men used to comment Men called her names. I also observed many a time when we go to the nearby town, men used to stare at her, look at her with desire.

I left the place feeling hurt, rage, ashamed, disgust, and helplessness. I returned back home. I noticed that the main door was closed which normally kept open excepting in the night in our house. I tip toed without making any noise and went to the backyard. I slowly pushed the door and got without any noise and slowly I got in. I heard laughter and conversation from the bedroom. I slowly went near. The door was partially closed. I peeped through the narrow opening. I saw the Headmaster was lying in the lap of mom, her saree was set loose, blouse and bra open, her big boobs hanging, her big areoles and nipples were stiff. He was caressing her stomach and buttocks and in between kissing the nipples. She was stroking his prick. I saw mother fucking him twice. Mother's affair with her Headmaster lasted six months.

Mother got transferred, but she managed to stop the transfer orders with the political influence of the village president. The next day was second Saturday of the month and was a holiday. Mother gave me a note and asked me to give it the president. On the way, I read the note on the way, "You are invited for dinner tonight" it said. I went to his house, and gave the note to the president.

In the afternoon, mother sat in the hall, in a sofa in front of full length mirror, asked me to apply warm coconut oil to her hair and massage. I applied oil to every strand of her silky long hair, feeling its smoothness. Not surprisingly, my cock became rigid. I massaged her head and then her face and neck , her arms, hands, feet and calves with ponds cream. I sat between her legs; she raised one of her leg, placed on a stool, pulled her saree and petticoat up. I was instructed to apply cream to her voluminous fat thighs. She then removed her blouse, bra, covered her breasts with saree pallu, I could see her shapely big conical firm taunt watermelon like breasts through the thin saree. She asked me to apply oil on her armpits, raising her hands. I poured warm oil in her hairy armpits, and on her back, into her thick fat layered midriff, and navel and massaged, kneading massaging every inch of her body till the cream got absorbed into her glowing skin. I combed her oily hair straight and arranged her hair into a knot. Mother asked me to bring green gram powder (sunnipindi) and make it into a paste adding milk. I applied the paste on to her body, massaged, and wiped her body thoroughly with wet cotton.

We went into bathroom. Mother sat on a stool, half naked covering her breasts with a thin cotton towel. I poured soap nut powder solution on her hair, cleaned, poured water and washed with warm water. I again poured soapnut (Kunkudukaya) powder solution again, massaged, and washed her hair. I applied soap and vigorously rubbed all over her body, including her feet and cleaned her body with wet cloth. Mother smiled mischievously and asked me to go out to complete her bath. She came out of the bathroom with petticoat covering breasts with towel, and asked me to dry her hair. I dried her hair with towel, combed her hair. She wore a pointed bra, asked me to fasten the hooks, and then blouse. Sitting in front of dressing table, in petticoat and blouse, she applied satinglow cream and powder to her face and neck, kajal to her eyes, and sindoor(gundrati tilakam bottu) on her forehead. She wore a thin cream colored chiffon saree with pink border, three inches below her deep fat navel. Mother arranged her hair into a braid - leaving it loose upto hem of low and wide cut blouse, then arranging her hair into plait upto mid thighs, tieing with rubber band and leaving it loose reaching her calves. She then asked me to trim the edges into U shape. She took six arm legths of jasmine mala (aru murala mallepula danda) asked me to arrange into her hair.

She sat on the sofa waiting for the president. He came, saw my mother with wide eyes looking at her beautiful sensational sexy womanness. Mother sat next to him on the sofa, her long braid onto the front. He could not control, despite my presence, he was holding mother hands. Mother asked me to go out and play. I came out of the hall, but didn't go out, went around the side of the house, positioned myself at the window. The president was hugging mother tightly. It seems he was in great urgency.

He undressed mother and then himself. Mother led him to the bedroom walking in front of him naked, her braid swinging like a pendulum on her fat protruding ass. The president followed her with his cock standing out, like dog following a bitch in heat. He was on top of the mother fucking, ramming his cock into mother's cunt. It was pure animal desire at play. He was a big man, and fucking mother with great energy, mother meeting his each and every stroke raising her bottom with equal force.He shot hot loads of cum into her cunt. White thick cum was overflowing out of cunt on to her thighs. I thought I could fuck better than him and I know mother needs more refined leisurely fuck.

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