tagFirst TimeChudana Aacha Hia Ch. 01

Chudana Aacha Hia Ch. 01


helloz dear readerz after quite some time im back with my new story , its the real story and all characters are alive and few are very close to me, let me start it then.

im Vandana that time i was 20 years old im living in mumbai, we were just 3 people in the family me my mom and my younger sis my father was no more but he left few FDz and some shares and we were staying in our own flat so things were just ok, i was in college in those day and i was aware of sex and all things related to it but i didn't have personal exp: till then.

1 day i just washed the clothes and went into balcony to hang them on the wire and my shirt was socked and half of the bOObz were almost visible in my black bra. while hanging the clothes i saw in the next balcony and asad was standing there, i knew him for childhoood and we were on goood terms he was looking at bOObz with hunger in his eyes and i just ran back quickly.

That same evening i was sitting in the lawn of our society and asad came from main gate and just stand there and started talking to me,he said u must be feeling tired? i said why? he said firstly u washed that many clothes and secondly ur running on my mind since then... me just carried away with his lines and then he asked about college and studies and other things and and we where talking n talking n talking.

then he asked can i sit with u and he sat there b4 i would have said any thing. but i was enjoying his company so won't mind, it was almost dark now and then we left to our houses, then it's became a routine and we use to sit in the lawn and talking every evening and then one evening asad hold my hand and next day we had our first kiss in the lift and we were getting more n more physical every day passing by. we saw few movies together or i must say we felt few movies together....

Tempo of the story seems slow that i also know but these are all valid details, so one fine day asad house was empty and he told me in the evening and i promised him that i'll come to him around 10 for n hours or so.( this was the time mom use to sit in the lawn with other aunties of the society)

we were very clear what we were up to to the moment i entered in his house we didn't wasted much time and he took me to his bed straight away. i was very hot and crazy for this time for so long and i just hugged him tightly in my arms, and we were kissing each other like anything. we both knew it was pure lust otherwise we were just goood friends.

Then he pressed my bOObz on top of my shirt and i said " please asad aram sai mujha dard hota hai" but he was still pressing them hard and we just fall on the bed and asad took his shirt off just out of his neck without wasting time with buttons and he then pulled my shirt also and i lifted my back to help him taking it out, us na meri shirt utari aur aik he haath sai meri bra ka hook bhe khool deya,

woh meri nipples chooos raha tha pagloon ki tarha aur main khud ko clouds main mahsooos ker rahe thi aaj us na kabhi meri nipples directly nahin chooosi theen, phir us ma meri tummy pay kiss ki aur mei belly button main apni tongue ghumanay laya, meri jeanz ka button us na kab khoola aur kab usay knees tak uttar bhe deya mujha yaad tak nahin haan.

lakin itna yaad hai k us na meri black panty aik side ki aur meri chooot ko apni tounge sai tickle karnay lag main Aaaaaah Aaaaah ki awazain nikal rahe thi aur mujha bohat maza aa raha tha tab phir asad uttha aur apni pant utarna laga main pant k uppa sai aur cinema hall ki darkness main kaye bar us k lund paker cuki thi lakin aaj palhi bar usay rooshni main dakhnay wali thi...........

Us na apnay boxerz bhe uttar deya aur us ki lund full tana hua tha 90* aur thora sa right side pay jhuka hua tha, like a banana,it was some 6'' long and quite thick, he took off my jeanz completly and again started licking my cunt sitting down and me laying on the egde of the bed. he opened the lips of my choot and started licking the crack from down to up and the moment his tounge was touching my clit i was geting more n more arossed.

and in just a min time i came and he licked all my pussy juice without wasting a drop, even he knew i came, so he got up and stnad there holding his dick and pumping it and i knew what he whanted me to do so i came back to my senses and got up and now sitting on the edge of the bed his dick was right in front of my face, it was nice n clean and pubz must be shaved recently, a drop of pre-cum was shining on the tip of the lund and i just saw in his eyes and licked that drop with the tip of my tounge,

he took a deep breath , me just placed my hands on his hips and licked his mashroomed tip with my tounge in long and slow strocks, and then I moved a side and pushed him on the bed and he was on his back with his legs opened and me placed myself in between and hold his lund in my hand and started sucking it deeper n deeper in my mouth and he just closed his eyes and throwing his head right n left in pleasure.

even he didn't last long and I felt some sensation on my hand which was holding his cock and I new he was close and just took it out of my mouth and it errupted like a volcano painting my face and his legs and tummy all white, it was quite a mess and I just pushed my self to the bath and washed my hands, cunt and face and I was just wiping myself when he also entered and hold my bOObz from back and kissed me on my nack.

me just turned and smiled and kissed on his lips and came out, we were still nacked, I came back and opened the fridge and took some cola, in the mean time he washed himself and came out and again we just huged each other and locked our lips, while kissing we gain moved to the bed, are then he asked me are u ready for the real fun and I said I can't wait, us na bed sheet theek ki aur mujha leta deya bed pay on my back aur side table sai cream ka tub uthaya aur meri tangoon k beech bath gaya.

us ka lund phir khara tha us na meri thigs per kissing shuru ki aur phir meri choot ko lick karnay laga aur tab he us na cream nikali aur meri choot main hole per aur under wali wallz per aachi tarha laga dee, aur bath gaya aur apna lund per be aachi tarha cream lagai aur towel neecha bicha ker aik pilloe liya aur meri gand k neecha fix ker deya and now my choot was in the air and ready to be pocked, and then he placed his cock on the right place and came on top of me and was looking in my eyes for a sec.

then he hold my hand and fixed his fingerz in mine and kissed me on the lips I must say I was quite nervious and then the first push which my cunt recived and his cock's head was in and I was in pain infact it was very painful but our lips were locked and and my scream lost between us, asad na kaha easy yaar bus hogaya jo hona tha u knew na kuch pain to hoga lakin if no pain then no gain also, my itna he gentel ho sakta tha main sun rahe thi aur samajh bhe rahe thi.

he was in me but he was waiting for some time mujh sai baatain ker raha tha and he just licked my neck and chicks but I was restless and then again he pushed even harder and his shaft was two third in and I was like a fish without water he hold me very tightly and and tearz were in my eyes and it was paining like hell, he was dead still between my legs haan lakin phir bhe mujha choom raha tha shaant ker raha tha han per main na kaha nahin asad bohat pain hai please nikal loo isay mujha nahin chudwana main maar rahe hoon.

yaaar please uttho mujh pay sai , main na haath churanay ki koshsih ki per us na mujha nahin choora asad na kaha yaar tumhari kasam aab aur dard nahin hoga bus aik sai dus tak count ker k dakh loo aur dard kam ho jayee ga and he was right pain went to a certain high and then started coming down and and he just licked tearz from my eyes and my eyes were crying but I was smiling I think, and asad comfirmed me that after words, and aab mujha dard nahin ho raha tha phir asad na ahista ahista move hona shuru kiya mujha kuch pain bhe hua.

lakin aab main sah paa rahe thi who dard aur in next 2 min he was moving in and out and I started enyoing it a but it was new pleasure, jesay aap ko khushi na chu liya hoo, sex ko koe bhe explain nahin ker paya aaj tak koe isko animal instnct kahta hai , koe junoon ,koe mohabbat tou koe ebadat .....haan lakin mujha lag raha tha jesay mujha complete ker deya gaya hoo, ya k main na khud ko paa liya, tab us lamhay koe hasraat koe khawish nahin thi, asad na aab taaz taaz choodna shuru ke deya tha aur main bhe us ka saath daa rahe thi apni gand utha utha ker hum dono he muskura rahay they.

mian us ko jaaker rahe thi kiyon ka main kareeb thi aur phir aik tofaan sa Aa gaya, main discharge tou pahlay bhe hue thi lakin pahli bara main kuch khud main flow hota feel ker rahe thi, main na asad ko kaaas ka seena sai laga liya aur wh slow hogaya, aur mujha poora mooka deya farigh honay ka aur jab meri grip dheeli hue us ka back pay sai tou us na mujha choom liya lips pay aur kaha haan vinu maaza aaya?

main na kaha haan asad bohat maaza aaya, ur a darling, and I kissed so many times on his lips...in the mean time us na phir pace paker liya aur taaz taaz mujha chodnay laga main phir us ka saath danay lage aur mujha phir maza aanay laga meri choot geeli thi poori tarah us wajah sai aab bohat asani sai asad k lund meray under ja raha tha aur main usay apnay under tak feel ker sakte thi, aur phir asad na mujha kaaas liya apnay hathoon main aur aik tang meri tang k cross la ker mujha zooor zooor sai dhakay marnay shuru ker deya.

mujha bohat maaza aa raha tha aur asad mujha paglon ki tarha choom raha tha aur neecha sai buri tarha chood raha tha bed sai kuch awaz aanay lagi thi aur hum dono ko paseena aa gaya tha, asad na kaha janoo poori uppar ker loo apni legs aur who phir taaz taaz mujha chodnay laga , main aik ber phir qareeb thi main na kaha asad zooor sai karoo mari nikalnay wali hai, haan daalo poora under daloo haaan haan jan mujha chood do day do mujha maaaza.

and I got my third ograsm and asad na kaha vinu meri nikalnay wali hai .....main na kaha asad baher nikal loo plz, aur us na last sec pay nikal liya and busted his come all over me, aur mera baju main laat gaya who yakeenan bohat tak gay taha.. main be itni thak gai thi k ankh kholnay ki bhe himmat nahin ho rahe thi, ya phir ya chudai ka sarooor tha.

phir aphlay asad utha aur bath main chala gaya mujha shawer ki awaz Aa rahe thi ... main ankhain bandh kiya lati thi mujha asad ki awaz aaye Ooo madam uth jaoo 10:50 hoo rahay hain ..ya sunte he mujh main bijli bher gaye main gaye bath main aur body bath liya jaldi jaldi.... Aur main baher ayee tou asad na bed aur room theek ker diya tha aur coffee was almost ready ...bus kuch he waqt main hum coffee ka cup liya lawn main aa gayee.

ammi aur baki aunties abhi bhe apnay personal corner walay banches par bathi theen aur haasi aur batoon ki awaz aa rahe thi aur lawn k other side pay kidz ball sai khal rahay they hum bhe aik banch pay bath gayee aur asad ka kaha haan kya yaaar bilawajah jaldi ki yahan tou sab apni masti main mast hain ... haan per main na kaha jee nahin we finished in time wesay bhe meri back main aur na janay kahan kahan dard hai .. asad na meri taraf dekaha aur main sharma gayee .. ............ to be continued

waiting for ur support and comments...

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