tagIncest/TabooFather and Mom Do It

Father and Mom Do It


This is story of my true incident which occur when I was 18 year old and studying in 1st year. In my family we are 5 members a father, a mother , I, my two younger sisters. My father’s age was near 47 and mother’s age was near 42 at that time.

It was rainy season of August. My both sister goon to their school and they will came at 5 p.m. and I left home at 11 p.m. for my collage and their after for my computer class. This is our regular schedule and I always come home at 4 p.m. One day after I completed my regular classes I went to my computer center. After reaching there I found it closed because one student of that center was died that day. So ii want straight to home. It started light raining as I was on the way of my house. I quickly reaches my home, I rang the door bell but it was ringing because of power cut. Then I went to my garage and I park my bike their and I found that my father does not go to his office because I see his car was in the garage. Then I enter my house from door of my garage. I found no one in the ground floor, then I went to my room which is in the 1st floor. I heard the voice of my mother and mother which was coming from the terries. Our terries is half covered and there is a ---- in which my father and mother were sit. I saw that my mother’s head was on my father’s shoulder. There hands were in hands of each other. My mother had wear a pink sari and blouse and my father had wear kurta and pyjama. My mother had a very good figure, may be 36-25-38, with a fair complexion. Now the rain fall became heavier, my mother said to my father that “ AAJ KAA MAUSAM KITNA ROMANTIC HAI, IS SAMAY GAAR PE KOY NAHEE HAI AUR BACHEE 5 BAJE TAAK NAHEE AAYENGE. KYNO NA HUM IS MAUSAM KAA MAZA LOOTEN.”

Then my father started to kiss my mom in her lips. His hand was now massaging my mom’s thighs. They are in their erotic world and they do not notice me that I am watching them from behind. Then they stood up from --- and they goes to open area of terries. Now they are in the heavy rainfall, they hug each other tightly and their lips are in each others mouth. They kisses each other hard and passionately. My father’s hand was all over my mother’s body. His hand was on her firm round buttocks and pressing it hard and mom have just little moanand after that my father started kissing my mom’s cheeks, chin and neck and his hand was now on my mother’s big boobs. They are now become very wet. They stop kissing and my father said that now lets go to our bedroom, I quickly goes down to my room which was just behind of their bedroom. I pick up my video camera and went to their bedroom and take place at outside of their room’s ventilator. My father come to bedroom with my mom on his arm. Then my dad started to remove the sari of my mom and then her blouse and then her petticoat. Now my mom was in her beautiful wet black bra and very very wet pink panty. Now she started to remove my dad’s clothe and now he was in his short only. Again they start kissing each others lips and started French kissing. My dad’s hand was all over her body and touching all the parts of my mom’s wet body. I was getting a hard and my dick was erected ,I continually to shot all the action in my camera. My dad opens her bra and her boobs came out with her erected dark brown nipple.

I saw my mother’s boobs first time necked. Dad put his face on her breast and started kissing her breast. His one hand now going down and pulling her panty. Now my mom became totally necked. It was the first time that I saw her totally necked. Dad’s tongue started to lick her left nipples as his hand started squeezing her right balls yet again. She started to moan as dad started to suck her boobs. After some time dad got up and had a look at her thighs. He went down and started kissing her legs from the bottom and slowly coming up. Her bushy cunt which shaved off was now exposed. He started kissing her once again on her lips. He slowly moved down again kissing her all over from her lips to her chin and her neck and both her breast to her navel and finally coming to her cunt. She spread her legs apart as dad put his face in between her thighs and started to lick her virgin cunt lips. Dad pushed one of his fingers inside it as she started to moan even harder. After some time dad again went up to her breast and started sucking it. Her hand was now all over the front of dad shorts and holding dad’s dick in her hand and squeezing it as dad sucked her boobs. Mom then pushed dad back as dad lay down on his back as she moved kissing dad lips and at the same time continuing to squeeze his dick. She then put her face on dad short and had his dick in her mouth and gave a bite to it. She then pulled down dad shorts so that dad’s dick was now completely free and fully exposed to her. It was now erect and was almost about 7’’ long. She then had her face completely over it and started kissing it from the top to dad’s balls. She now had her whole mouth on the head of dad’s dick and started to suck it with her mouth going up and down my dad’s dicks in a vigorous manner. My dad cam in her mouth and mom totally drunk it. Then she once again take dad’s dick in her mouth started sucking it. After few minutes it now again erect and now she start kissing his lips. Then she lay on bed and dad was on top of her this time.

Dad grabbed her buttocks tight and ran the tip of his tongue along the folds of her juicy cunt. She moaned loud grinding her pussy deeper into dad face. Dad’s hand began rubbing the nub of her hardened clit making her twitch wildly all over.. Dad gave her pussy even more attention sucking her piss flaps and lapping her juices like a hungry dog. Eventually dad started entering her with one finger then to building a quick rhythm. She was bucking dad’s fingers violently. Dad licked the entire length of her pussy in a single stroke making her shout with pleasure. Dad licked her pussy in this fashion, each time digging deeper with his tongue. mom tasted exotic . After many such strokes, Dad held his head still and worked with his tongue, lapping up the insides of her juicy pussy. Dad had to use his hands to hold her ass down, while the rest of her was all over the bed . She must have had atleast a few orgasms, and dad didn't stop for her to even catch a breath. Dad moved up to her erect clit and took it in his mouth, sucking on it. She had even stronger orgasms With that, My dad was reward with a face full of her tasty juices Now dad got on top of her, held her hands above her head, and literally plunged his dick into her tight pussy, hitting bottom with that single stroke.

She let out a loud moan. Dad licked her mouth and sucked on her tongue as she settled down. Dad started pumping her slowly. With each stroke she let out long moans, feeling the length of dick spreading her tight cunt. It was hot and beads of sweat broke up on her face. Her face was glowing in the natural lights and their bodies were easily slipping on one another because of the sweat created between their bodies. Dad strokes became longer and faster. Her pussy juices were flowing like a torrent. Dad was relishing each stroke into her. Soon she had a huge orgasm, tightening her grip on my penis so hard that it suddenly became a huge effort to pump her. Her resistance just made dad fuck her harder and harder. She was screaming because of her orgasm and the pain dad was causing her. Her orgasm didn't subdue. Dad was pushing in and pulling out of her with all his strength, while her wet pussy walls strained to grab dad’s penis like a vice. Each stroke into her cunt brought dad closer to his orgasm. And now dad cam huge in mom’s pussy. Dad held her tightly in his arms and came in her tight pussy shooting loads of semen into her. They started kissing again their bodies were totally drenched in each others sweat and they soon fell asleep with dad’s dick still in her pussy from behind her.

I was now out of my mind I immediately wanted to pull out my cock and masturbate their. I had took all that good scene in my camera and went back to my room. After a hour or so, I listen the sound of shower and I immediately went once again to their room and saw that my dad was alone in the bad necked and in a deep sleep. That was my mother who was taking a shower and after some time she came out from bathroom totally necked. She started wear her cloths. I quickly rushed down stair and go out of my home through garage. It was no raining now. Then I rang the bell (electricity was came only after an half hour when I came to home). After few seconds my mom opened the door and I behave like that I just came from my computer class.

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