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Indian Sisters


My name is Chhaya. I am twenty nine years old now. I live in Mumbai.

I was eighteen years old at that time, and wrote my SSC examinations.

I have an elder sister, Suvarna who was twenty and was appeared for HSC examinations.

My Father, Mr. Ganpat More, age 42 at that time, is businessman who have small scale manufacturing unit related to spare parts of hydraulic pumps.

My mother Shalini, age 39 at that time is a housewife. We were very stable economically and were pampered children.

My maternal uncle Mr. Sakharam Pawar was living in a small village in Kolhapur district of Maharashtra, along with his wife Anita and his twenty years old daughter, Kavita.

Kavita was of same age as my sibling Suvarna and both wrote their HSC examinations.

My father is handsome and fit guy and my mother is voluptuous and very beautiful.

Both us sisters had inherited their best features and we were very beautiful and having a voluptuous figure, specially our breast were too large for our age and ass was big and perfect round.

We were very famous in our area and all men around was trying to score with us.

I was not naïve in sex department but no actual sexual experience of any kind.

I and my school friends used to share sex related information but I was not having any attachments to any boy or girl sexually.

Every year in summer vacation, me elder sister Suvarna used to visit to our maternal uncle's.

She used to spend two to three weeks at their house in Kolhapur. She and Kavita were good friends and they used to enjoy each other's company.

Our examination was over and we had summer vacation. We were having our dinner and were talking about new film release over dinner. Suvarna changed that topic and asked our father,

Suvarna: "Papa, my exams are over now and I have got two months vacation before college reopens. As usual I want to go to visit uncle and family at least for a month".

Me: "Wow Papa, as my exams are also over, I will also like to visit to uncle and family for some relaxation along with Suvarna didi".

Suvarna: "Don't get so excited Chhaya, you will get bore. You will not like village atmosphere and small girl like you have nothing to do there".

Me: "Didi, I am not a little girl now. I am eighteen and will be going to college in couple of months".

Suvarna: "What will mommy do if you also come with me, she will get bore".

Me: "Then why don't you stay with mommy and let me go alone".

Suvarna: "Shut up you little girl, I will go alone and you stay here with mommy".

I was little confused at didi's unusual reaction. I don't know why she was opposing me to go along with her? Why she want to go single and keep me with mommy?

Both my parents were laughing at our little fight and father said,

Father: "Both of you will go to visit Sakharam and family for a month. I will ask our driver ramu to drop you both on Sunday".

Suvarna didi was disappointed by father's decision; it was clearly showing on her face.

Next Sunday, we were on the go and reached at uncle's house at 5pm in the evening. Both my uncle and aunty was rejoiced to see us, but Kavita seemed to be little nervous.

Kavita took didi to a corner and they were arguing on something that I was not able to listen. I avoided them and got settled in the village atmosphere.

Uncle's village was isolated from other villages and was at the foot of large hill which was dense forest. Uncle's house was in main village and his sugarcane farms were at quite distance from his house.

He was a rich farmer in the area and possessed many acres of farm land along with big sugarcane plantation. He had many people working for him and some of the land was given on rent basis to other farmer which uncle himself was not looking.

Village was clean and nature was marvelous. Greenery at farms and hill was good sight and it was very pleasant in summer season.

Next morning a rugged man, aged around 55 came to meet my uncle. We were in house premises and strolling after breakfast.

Uncle offer him to sit and ordered a tea for him. Both Suvarna didi and Kavita was giggling looking at him, and I do not know the reason.

Uncle was talking to him and later I come to know that his name is Dhondiba and he is farming a piece of land on rent basis owned by my uncle.

After a brief discussion, he left and was looking at both Suvarna didi and Kavita and smiling mischievously at them.

We had our lunch and I decided to take nap as I was feeling very sleepy.

I slept instantly and when I woke up at 4pm, both Suvarna didi and Kavita was not at home. Only uncle and aunty were there and they were also taking a nap.

I searched them in the big house as well as in garden and other areas, but they were not there. I watched TV for two hours.

When aunty came in to living room, I asked her about didi and Kavita. Aunty told me that "they had gone to sugarcane farms for a walk and to enjoy nature.

She also informed me that they follow the same routine daily and will be back in a while".

I said to aunty that "why they avoid taking me to farms. I will also love to go". Aunty accepted and told me that "I will ask them to take you to farms tomorrow".

Next day after Lunch I was ready to go to farms with my sisters. I was little excited, but both Suvarna didi and Kavita gave me disapproving looks.

Nevertheless I left uncle's house to go to farms.

The road to farms was narrow but clean and greenery around was making it look fabulous.

I was following them and they were talking in hushed tone that I did not understand. It took us 40 minutes to reach to farms where there was one farmhouse built by my uncle.

Farmhouse was very old built to stay in the daytime.

There were three small rooms with wooden doors and beds in all rooms. Construction was old and there were some holes in every walls, plaster was outdone.

Windows were big and airy and it was pleasant temperature even in the afternoon.

I was tired due to walking in hot afternoon and as usual felling sleepy.

I told to Suvarna didi that I am feeling sleepy and I will take a nap in one of the rooms. Both of them got elated and said that you take a nap while we chit-chat.

I tried to sleep but I could not sleep as place was new. Half an hour might have passed and I heard some shuffling from adjacent room.

I got up and peeped through one of the hole. What I saw took my breath away.

Suvarna and Kavita both were naked lying in 69 positions on a rotten cot.

They were vigorously sucking each other. I tried to look past them in another corner of the room and found that two men equally naked were seating on two chairs with their rock hard cocks.

They were playing with their massive cocks which were at least a size of my forearms.

I recognized Dhondiba and other man was as same looking as Dhondiba and might be his son.

Both my sisters are voluptuous and were looking like some sex goddesses. Both were squirming in ecstasy and lapping each other's pussies.

My sister Suvarna was underneath Kavita and was sucking her pussy from below. Dhondiba came to them and push his massive cock in Suvarna's mouth that was head down.

He pushed his cock in one go and fuck her mouth for a while. Then he removed his cock from her mouth and pushed his cock vigorously in Kavita's pussy.

Kavita was very wet and he succeeded in pushing his cock in her pussy to the hilt. A loud gasp was heard from Kavita's mouth due to sudden intrusion.

Dhondiba started fucking her with long deep strokes. Another man who was out of the seen came towards Kavita's mouth and offered her his cock to suck, which she accepted gleefully and started sucking on his cock.

Kavita was writhling in joy as she was now being penetrated from both ends and was being fucked mercilessly.

Wetness formed in Kavita's pussy was leaking and was falling continuously on Suvarna's face, coating her entire face.

After fucking Kavita for some time, both men had switched places and other man (Dhondiba's son) now inserted his cock in Kavita's asshole.

Kavita's asshole was very tight and he could not enter her fully except his cockhead. So he removed his cock and put it in Suvarna's mouth and made her suck his cock for some lubrication.

He then again tried to insert it in Kavita's asshole and this time only could insert of the cock. He again removed it from Kavita's asshole and pushed it in Suvarna's mouth.

Suvarna was sucking his cock which was out of Kavita's mouth. He repeated this action of fucking Kavita's asshole and then fucking Suvarna's mouth for some time.

Suvarna was gleefully sucking his sleamy cock which was out Kavita's asshole. Her face was now covered with Kavita's wetness and precum which kept falling on her.

Both men fucked Kavita for more fifteen minutes in her mouth and asshole. She was shouting in pleasure and orgasmed few times.

Dhondiba was first to have release his load in Kavita's mouth. He catches hold of Kavia's hairs and release a copious amount of load in her mouth.

She drank it readily without wasting any precious drop.

His son was fucking Kavita in her asshole with full abandon and released a big load of cum in her ass.

After finishing his load he caught her shoulders and made her in squatting position over Suvarna's mouth. His entire bog load in her ass rushed out of her ass and started felling in Suvarna's mouth.

Suvarna again gleefully accepted the torrid act of humiliation and drank his entire cum load directly from Kavita's asshole.

Both men now went back and sat on their chairs. Kavita and Suvarna was now lapping each other's mouth and sharing cum loads which were presented to them.

I was out of my mind watching the sex scene and wantonness of my slutty sisters. I realized why they do not want me to accompany them to farm house. I was very horny and wet.

I unknowingly was naked waist below and rubbing my small pussy with my right hand. I was playing with my big tits. I was anxiously waiting for next.

Some 15-20 minutes might have passed. Kavita was more relaxed having orgasm few times.

Suvarna was restless and feeling more horny than ever.

She spread her legs wide and blurted out, "please somebody have a mercy on my little pussy, please fuck me".

Both men laughed in unison and came to Suvarna. They presented their deflated cocks to Suvarna for suck.

Suvarna started sucking them one by one and made quite an effort to bring them to full hardness. She was made on her hands and knees and Dhondiba insert his cock in her pussy and his son inserts his cock in her mouth.

They started fucking her with renewed energy. Dhondiba pulled her hairs from behind and riding her like a mere kept fucking her with zest.

He called Kavita and made her rest his face near Suvarna's asshole and made her suck Suvarna's asshole.

He removed his cock from Suvarna's pussy and pushed it in her asshole. Suvarna screamed in pain but he continued his onslaught on her asshole and lodged his cock to the hilt.

He starts fucking her ass ib slow motion. He removed it from Suvarna's asshole and pushed it in Kavita's mouth and face fucked her for a while. Then again he reinserted it in Suvarna's asshole.

He repeated this action till he ejaculated his cum load in Suvarna's asshole which then cleaned by Kavita.

His son finished in Suvarna's mouth and she drank all his come with a smile without losing any.

Both my sisters were seated naked on bed in Indian style. Both men pressed their now deflated yet strong cocks on their forehead.

Both my sisters face were covered in their cum and their faces were glistening.

Dhondiba removed two 50 rupee notes from his wallet and stick to their fore head using cum as glue.

Both my slut sisters were smiling, 50 rupee stuck to their foreheads.

Dhondiba raised his right hand higher in air and slapped sharply, first Suvarna and then Kavita, making their eyes water with sharp blow.

Still both of them had a smile on their faces.

Dhodiba's son asked his father about these two sluts in front of my sisters and he told him that, "they are very wealthy and one is daughter of farmer whose land they are using on rent basis. These are true sluts by nature and love to get humiliated and vigorously fucked by people who are below their rank and status. When the very first time they got fucked by me, they ask for money and I asked why they need money as they are so wealthy, but they told me that, taking money made them feel like whores and only will fuck me if I had offered some money. Our sweeper or maid, even toilet cleaner also will not fuck for 50 rupees".

He spited on their faces and they left the farm house.

I came twice watching this act of wantonness and debasement of my sisters.

I was mesmerized by all sex scenes and was looking forward to get engage in those sex games.

For next week or so, I was going with them to the farm house and pretend to sleep as early as possible.

I witness all their escapades daily from my room's wall opening.

Dhondiba was regular visitor and leader of all those sex games. Sometimes there were more than two people.

Both my sisters Suvarna and Kavita were fucked in every imaginable position.

They were made naked as soon as they enter and kept naked till the day ends. Sometimes they were made to fetch water from well outside farmhouse in all their naked glory.

They were made to pee naked outside in open and men kept smoking looking at them. Sometimes they were made to hold men's penises while men were having pee, all the time both my sisters naked and seated on their knees.

Sometimes my sisters made to clean men's asses before sucking their cocks. Sometimes they were fucked out in open on their backs, over a grass or beneath a tree.

I was very impatient watching those sex games and doing nothing except frantically fingering myself to orgasms.

I had decided to break the ice and told my sisters that I knew everything they do every afternoon at farm house.

They were speechless and very nervous for some time and could not reply. I realized their situation and offered to help.

I told them that "if they let me participate in the fun, I will keep this as a secret".

Both had not agreed initially as according to them it was a risk and I was very young to have intercourse.

Also all men are very rough and they will treat me like a slave as they treat my sisters to their pleasures.

Also they added that I had to go with initiation process for a whole day and to obey their every wish so they will certify me to fuck by them.

It will be very humiliating to give a test so somebody will certify you to get fucked by them.

I was in no mood to listen to them and stick to my demand. They reluctantly agreed and told me that they will talk to Dhondiba and will confirm the same.

Next day, we were at farm house. My sisters had discussion with Dhondiba while getting screwed by him and two other men and he agreed readily.

He told me that next day my uncle and his wife will be out early in the morning and they will only return by late evening.

They are going out for some long-distance relative's marriage.

Next day we left for farmhouse as soon as both my uncle and his wife left for marriage ceremony. It was very early and atmosphere was calm and quite.

After some time Dhondiba and four more men reached our farmhouse. Dhondiba and men were very elated to see my little but busty frame and lecheriously looking at me, their prey.

Dhondiba ordered us to strip naked and both my sisters became naked instantly.

I was little nervous and took my time removing all my clothes. My pussy was neat and no hair on it. They were trying to fuck me with their eyes.

Dhondiba took the charge in his hands.

He said, ''Chhaya, you whore, go and have a bath". I nervously go to well outside farmhouse and took a bath standing naked out in open and all were enjoying the show.

After finishing my bath I came back in farmhouse living room.

Then he made both my sisters to lie on their back and asked me to suck their pussies.

I kneeled in front of their wide spread thighs and suck their pussies one by one. It was new experience for me.

My sisters grab my hairs and grind their pussies on my face for delightment of the men.

They had wide orgasms on my tongue and I had to lap their cunt juices from their pussies.

Then Dhondiba along with all men knelt on hands and knees like some street dogs and ordered me to clean their assess.

It was again a new experience. I suck on their assholes one by one and the act made me horny with desires. It had wild effect on them and they were hard as a rock.

Then I was made to suck their cocks kneeling in front of them and I obeyed their wish by sucking them to finish.

All men released their copious loads in my mouth and I drank quite easily. I was proving to be easy slut and all those sucking made my snatch leaking like a river.

My sisters were made to suck all deflated cock to hardness and everyone then were ready to take a turn on me. Dhondiba was first to go.

His cock was massive and it was very painful when he tries to insert it in my virgin pussy. I was screaming like hell, but he had not stopped, he keeps on inserting and my hymen was broken.

He started fucking me with slow strokes and initial pain turned in to never experienced pleasure. I was in heaven.

He was fucking me with long deep strokes and was chewing on my bog tits. Both sensations in my pussy and on my tits were making me mad with lust and I had orgasm of solid intensity.

I had lost my mind with the pleasure. He keep on fucking and released a big load in my small pussy.

Other men also followed the process and fucked me one after another for almost two long hours.

All came in my pussy. I had dozen of orgasms and constant state of arousal and attack on my small pussy made me go numb.

After fucking me to their heart's content, Dhondiba made my sisters to suck out all cum deposited in my pussy, which they accepted readily.

It was afternoon when they finished fucking me for the first time.

They had brought lunch for all of us and we had it stark naked. It was my first experience to have a lunch naked.

After lunch I decided to take nap as I was very tired. I slept naked on bed. But both my sisters were fucked for whole afternoon beside myself.

There were 3 more men for our fucking and my sisters got royally fucked by them for whole afternoon. They were sprayed with cum on their bodies which were sometimes fallen on me.

I only witness their fucking whenever I was not sleeping.

At evening us three sisters were made to take bath naked out in open and after wearing our clothes we were back to our home.

We three sisters were fucked on daily basis till me and Suvarna were back to Mumbai.

Dhondiba and his men decided my rate, which was only 10 rupees. He said that "I am new to fucking and with no experience I only deserve 10 rupees for days fucking".

He used to stick 10 rupees note on my forehead after fucking me, as my sisters used to get 50 rupees stuck on their foreheads.

We three sisters were made to suck each other's pussies in a circle while all men watched the scene.

Sometimes we were made to take pee in the unison while all the men look on. Many times I was made to drink cum directly from assholes of Suvarna and Kavita.

Sometimes we were fucked in open when risk of getting caught was low.

Sometimes glasses of milk or lassi were offered to us with all men's cum mixed with it. We were whores for them.

The End.

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