tagLoving WivesIndian Whores Ch. 01

Indian Whores Ch. 01


This is a fiction. This is not a true story and only written for enjoyment of members of HILMS. Any characters or incidents resembling to true life characters or events are purely coincidence.


Main Characters:

Mrs. Manasi Deshpande: Age21, Housewife, Married to Amit Deshpande.

Mrs. Sharmila Paranjpe: Age 20, Housewife, Married to Prashant Paranjpe.

Ms. Radhika Kulkarni: Age 18, Student, Living with parents.

Ms. Purvi Deshpande: Age 20, Student, sister of Amit Deshpande.

Mrs. Chhaya Kulkarni : Age 40, Housewife, Married to Shankar Kulkarni.

Mrs. Yogini Deshpande: Age 42, Housewife, Married to Rajesh Deshpande.

Mrs. Kamini Paranjpe : Age 41, Housewife, Married to Kishor Paranjpe.

Mr. Amit Deshpande: Age 24, Employee of Multi-National IT Firm.

Mr. Prashant Paranjpe: Age 24, LIC Employee.

Mr. Shankar Kulkarni: Age 46, Owner of small business firm.

Mr. Rajesh Deshpande: Age 47, Employee in a private firm.

Mr. Kishor Paranjpe: Age 46, Owner of small business firm.

Episode 01.

Extra Characters in this Episode.

Mr. Manpreet Goyal: Age 45, Retired Captain of Indian Army.

Mr. Javed Aslam: Age 50, Retired Captain of Indian Army.


It was a hot sunny day. Ms. Radhika decided to go home early as she was not feeling comfortable.

Her college was scheduled from 11 in the morning to 4 in the evening. Usually she returned home by 5 in the evening. It was 2 in the afternoon when she reached home.

She planned to take a quick bath, ask something to eat from her beloved mother and take a sound nap in her Bedroom.

She was one horny teenager. She used to talk about sex to her friends. She had seen porn movies with her friends at their houses.

She used to feel the heat of her body and wanted to have sexual pleasures as early as possible. She used to get aroused listening to stories of her friends with their boyfriends.

When she reached home she was little bit surprised as there were nobody in her house. She rang doorbell for 5 minutes, but then opened main door by her extra key and entered house.

She called and searched for her mother in every room but her mother was not there. Thinking that her mother would have gone to neighbors she entered her personal bathroom and started to have a bath.

She was admiring her voluptuous naked figure in full length mirror fixed to one bathroom wall. Her perky, white breast was of size 34C with dark black areolas and thick dark nipples.

She was very proud of them as she used to get lot of attentions in her college due to its size and firmness. Her ass was heart shaped and big, complementing with extra sexiness to her feminity. She squeezes her breast a few times and came out of her bathroom with just towel wrapped to her buxom figure.

She was kind of exhibitionist and had an idea. She dared to stand in her bedroom balcony at first floor just wrapped in towel to get an extra thrill. She slowly opened balcony door and peeped outside. It was hot day and nobody was on street of their private bungalow colony.

She came in the balcony and stands almost naked with towel wrapped to her body. After few minutes she felt a movement in next bungalow of Mr. Manpreet Goyal, to whom she and her two married sisters used to call Goyal uncle. She concentrated on backdoor entry which leads to Goyal's garden, she saw one middle aged woman in saree who was hurriedly entering in to Goyal's house.

She was very curious as she knew that Goyal uncle live alone from last few years as his wife is living with their son in Australia. She hurriedly searched for something to dress. She found one knee length frock.

She wear that frock without caring for brassiere and panty, took house key with her and decided to go to Goyal uncle's house and find out what is going on. She crossed road between two bungalows and reached to his house. She chooses to go from backside fence which was toppled.

She directly reached towards his master bedroom window which was opened as there was no other residential area.

She very quietly raised her head and looked inside. What she saw took her breath away.

Mrs. Chhaya Kulkarni, her own beloved beautiful mother was naked on floor, in front of equally naked Goyal uncle who was now sitting in wooden chair.

Her mother was seated on her knee, with her both hands crossed at her back. Her long silky hairs neatly arranged on her head. Her mangalsutra dangling in between her heavy, milky 38DD breast. Goyal uncle's big Lund dangling in her face.

Without any instructions or touching, her mother engulfed that big Lund in her small mouth cavity and started to suck furiously on it. Ms. Radhika could hear her gurgling sounds as she was trying to take all his 10 inch Lund in her mouth.

After few minutes of sucking, Goyal uncle grab her head by his strong hands and started to fuck her mouth with hard and fast strokes.

He stared to abuse her by saying, "Lo meri chhaya raand, mera lund chooso, ese pyaar karo, tumhari jaisi randi hi esako majaa de sakati hai."

He fucked her face brutally for 10 long minutes, and yelled, main aa rahaa hoon, le meri kutiya, ye ras pi le". He came in her mouth and she tried very hard to drink it all, but some of it leaked through her mouth and fell on her large breasts.

He got-up form his chair, grab her hair and forced her on all-four like a bitch, and pummeled his big juicy Lund from behind. She cries in pain as he entered in her wet vagina without any mercy.

He started fucking her mercilessly. He grabs her hairs and started to ride her with more vigor. Mrs. Chhaya Kulkarni started to respond to his merciless fucking by fucking back and trying to get all his cock in her love channel.

Ms. Radhika was vey aroused by this wanton display of her so called prim and proper mother. She inserts two fingers in her small pussy and started to finger fuck herself.

In a broad daylight her mother was getting fucked by their neighbor inside his house as she was finger fucking her in the open. She observed that her mother is still in very good shape with large breast and big, round ass.

Goyal uncle now grab her hairs in his one hand and started to squeeze her large breast by other hand. He increased his tempo and fucked her mother with more hard strokes.

Her mother was enjoying it immensely and moaning loudly, "Fuck me please, Goyal. My master, Chodo muzhe. Fuck your slut. I am your whore".

She started to moan uncontrollably and started to have an orgasm. At same time Goyal uncle shoot his big load of semen in her mother's pussy. He kept her fucking some more time and collapsed on her back. Radhika also kept finger fucking herself, and had orgasm of her life. She kept one hand on her mouth to muffle her sounds.

As she finished her orgasms she heard Goyal uncle saying to her mother, "If u want to continue getting fucked by me, you have to be at my house whenever I call you and satisfy all my wishes. Next week on same day I have invited my old friend who was with me in the army. He is very enthusiastic about fucking your married pussy. Be on time at 2pm. Also do not wear anything under your saree and shave your pubes completely. He loves to fuck married, mature pussy with pubic hair shaved completely like a school girl. Does u understand?"

My mother agreed and started to wear her saree. I ran away to my house before my mother reached home.

She could not sleep. Images of her mother fucked vigorously by Goyal uncle kept repeating in front of her eyes.

The intimacy of act, her mother's display of slutty behavior was too much for her. The length and girth of Goyal uncle's Lund was something un-imaginary. She felt like watching a live fuck video starred by her loving mother.

She was very wet and kept finger fucking herself the whole afternoon, Cumming number of times. She had decided to come early the next week to watch another live fucking of her mother.

That same evening her mother was very normal and relaxed in her house. There were no signs of her afternoon adultery.

She was quite normal and attentive towards her and her father. At night again she was consumed with images of her mother fucking with Goyal uncle, and she kept fingering herself, the whole night.

Radhika's whole week was lost with images of torrid fucking of her mother which she had witnessed. She was very aroused throughout the week and could not concentrate on studies.

Same day, next week she left her college early and straight away reached to Goyal's house without bothering to change her attire. She purposely kept her books in college.

When she reached Goyal's house though back side fencing it was already 2.15 in the afternoon. She reached to opened window of Goyal's master bedroom and peeped inside.

She again saw a mesmerizing sight. Goyal uncle along with another man of same age was seated in two wooden chairs and they were naked. Her mother was naked and seated on floor with her luscious thighs spread fully wide.

Her mother was fingering her wide spread pussy looking very aroused and out of this world. Her pussy was clean shaven just like a little school girl, her breasts heaving and her mangalsootra dangling between her large breasts.

Her mother was moaning loudly and was nearing to a powerful orgasm.

Goyal uncle said to her," bahot ho gayaa raand, abhee apane haath se zhadegee, yaa hum se bhi chudavayegee?"

She came out of her Riviera and stopped fingering of her very wet pussy. He asked her to seat on her knees and start sucking their Lund. She started sucking their Lund alternatively.

She sucked their Lund one by one for almost 15 minutes and her jaws started to ache.

While she was sucking them, they were talking of their days in Army.

Goyal said, "bhai aslam, bahot dino baad hum dono ek saath chut chodenge. Aisee garam chut bahot dino baad chodane ko milegi. Tumhe jaan ke hairanee hogee par yeh raand tin jawan chuto ki maa hai, jinme ki dono ki shaadi ho chuki hai."

Aslam replied,"haan yaar lagataa to nahee hai. Eesake jaisi garam kutiya to bahot dino baad haath aayee hai. Aaj eese jamake chodenge".

After getting their large Lunds thoroughly sucked by my mother, they made her take position on all four and rammed their large cocks in her pussy and mouth.

Aslam also possessed big cock. Aslam was fucking my mother's pussy and Goyal uncle was fucking her face. She was royally fucked by both ends. She was aroused and screaming through cock in her mouth. She was fucking back and very loudly slurping on cock in her mouth.

At same time Radhika was also very aroused with the live show of her mother's fucking by these two old cocks. She was witnessing her mother's debauchery for the second time.

Her mother was really enjoying it and behaving like a true slut.

Radhika pulled down her jeans along with her panty and furiously finger fucking herself matching with fucking of her mother. She also was moaning quite loudly and could not control her sounds of arousal.

At the time of fucking Mr. Goyal heard some different sounds of a woman rather than the woman they were jointly fucking.

They both continued harsh fucking Mrs. Chhaya Kulkarni for almost 20 minutes and shoot their sperm in her mouth and pussy. Mrs. Chhaya Kulkarni drank all semen shot in her mouth and collapsed on bed with semen leaking from her pussy.

After some rest they alternate the positions and started fucking her for second time. Now Goyal was fucking her pussy and Aslam was fucking her face. Radhika had climaxed three times and continuously finger fucking her pussy.

Suddenly Goyal stopped fucking Mr. Chhaya Kulkarni's pussy, got down from bed, lightened a cigarette and proceed towards bedroom window for smoke.

Aslam took his place and started fucking Mrs. Chhaya Kulkarni's pussy with new vigor.

When Goyal reached to his bedroom window, what he saw made him smile. He saw Ms. Radhika Kulkarni, daughter of Mrs. Chhaya Kulkarni, to whom he and his friend were fucking.

Radhika was seated leaned to bedroom wall, she was completely naked, her top and brassiere, her jeans and panty thrown to left side, three fingers of right hand inside her small pussy, finger fucking herself, her left hand furiously mauling her left breast.

It was a side to behold.

He quickly visualizes another chance of fucking fresh new pussy, maybe a virgin pussy of a teenager. When Radhika regain her composure she again look back and raised her head to look inside, she saw a very angry looking, red, hard cock of Goyal uncle in front of her face.

She was taken aback and so frightened she almost lost her voice and senses; she slumped to ground below and could not think what to do. When she looked back Goyal uncle instructed her to be quite and sat there only. She sat like a statue without any life for movement.

Goyal returned back to pair who was much closed to climax. Aslam shoot his entire load in Mrs. Chhaya Kulkarni's pussy for the second time.

She also had hard orgasm and fell on sleep.

Mr. Goyal asked her to wear her saree and return back to her home. While wearing her saree he told her that he will call her when she has to visit again to get sound fucking. She hurriedly wore her saree and returned to her home.

Aslam was very amused and asked Goyal,"are Goyal, tune is chidiya ko eetane jaldi jaane kaise diya?"

Goyal replied,"are thoda ruk tuzhe sab samaj main aayega ke tu kitana khush nasib hai." Saying this he wrapped a towel and reached to back side of his house where radhika was still seated naked in a trance.

When she saw him he said,"Radhika beti, tumhari maa to chali gayee hai, tum chup chaap andar chalo, nahi to tumhari maa ki nangi tasveere main pure shahar main chapavaa dunga."

She was really frightened and started to walk with Goyal uncle. She was so thrilled and frightened she was unaware that she forgets to dress and left her all clothes in garden.

She walked through back door to Goyal uncle's house, totally naked, naked as the day she was born. First time in her entire life she was naked in front of any man and walking to his house without any clothes on.

When she and Goyal entered into his bedroom Aslam was surprised and delighted seeing this naked beauty. Her body was just hot and perfect to watch.

She sat on bed. Goyal said to Aslam," Yaar ye hai Radhika, jis garam aurat ko tum abhi chod chuke ho, uski sabase chhoti beti. Hum tino ka chudai ka khel yeh khidakise dekh rahi thi, aur wo bhi puri nagi hokar."

Aslam said,"kyaa baat kar rahe ho yaar, aaj maa aur beti dono ek saath mil rahi hai, waah majaa aa gayaa."

Radhika was now little bit relaxed but more excited standing naked in front of equally naked men who were of the same age of her father. She was continuously staring to their big Lunds.

Goyal was rock hard and Aslam also regain his hardness seeing this horny little teenager with so nice bust and bosom. They started to kiss her, nibble her. Their hands were freely roaming on her body.

They had taken one breast in each of their hand and mauled her, squeezed her, at the same time chewing on her fresh pink lips and earlobes.

She started to get aroused and her little pussy started to throb with anticipation.

Goyal took her free hand and placed on his rigid tool.

Aslam follow the same step like his friend. Now her hands were full with one hard, big cock per each hand. She was jerking them. She was really horny now, and her pussy was very wet with anticipation of first fuck. Wetness of her pussy started to dribble on her thighs.

Aslam placed her on bed on her back, spread her thighs and push his head to her love opening.

He inserted his tongue in her well lubricated pussy and started sucking her.

She was jolted by touch of his sensitive tongue to her honey pot. She screamed like a banshee as he continued sucking hey pussy. She could not bear all this pleasures and had a massive orgasm.

She had come like crazy.

When she came out of her thunderous orgasm she found that Aslam had kept his massive organ at entrance of her pussy and at any time will entered her pussy.

She was frightened at a thought of his massive Lund entering in her small pussy.

He said," don't be afraid, thoda dard jarur hoga, par phir tum jannat ki sair karogee. Tum ne dekha nahi kyaa, tumharee maa ne kaise maje liye hum se chudvaneke." Saying this he slowly entered her pussy, she felt an unbearable pain, but he hadn't stopped.

He kept entering her pussy slowly and entered her pussy to the hilt. She was having trouble accommodating his penis in her small pussy.

He wait for a movement, let her pussy adjust to his girth and length. Then he withdrew his cock completely and shoved it again.

This time she felt lesser pain. He started to fuck her with slow and short strokes.

After some time she started to feel nice and pain turned into something unimaginable. She started to like and he increased his tempo.

She started moaning and loving the sensation of being fucked. He now started fucking her with long and hard stokes.

She was now responding and accommodating his whole length in her small honey pot. Goyal came near to her and started squeezing her both breasts.

The double sensation was too much for her. She had a massive climax. He had not stopped. He fucked her for 15 long minutes and ejaculated his hot lava in her pussy.

When he was finished emptying his load in her pussy, he had been replaced by Goyal.

Goyal saw this naked beauty in all her glory, wide-spread, small pink pussy oozing semen of his friend.

He lost all his control and shoved his solid hard cock in her pussy with one go.

She screamed due to sudden onslaught on her pussy. Goyal started to fuck her with long and hard strokes.

She enjoyed his fucking immensely and climaxed again. Goyal also shoot his load in her pussy as he could not control his feeling of fucking a teenager after fucking her mother.

When they all regain their composure, they made Radhika to suck their cock clean. Men have no strength left.

Radhika also was tired after losing her virginity for the first time, that itself with two men of same age of her father, in grand style.

Two dirty old men, who had fucked sheet out of her slut mother few minutes before, also broke her cherry and made her a woman. Goyal brought her clothes from garden and asked her to wear. She was well fucked and ready to go.

Goyal asked her,"Radhika tune tumhari pahili chudai enjoy kiyee kyaa? Tumhe majaa aaya naa?"

She replied with shy smile,''haan aayaa Goyal uncle."

Goyal asked,"To phir tum vaapas aana chahogee?"

Radhika replied,"Aap bulaayenge to jarur aa Jaaungee."

Goyal asked again,"Ye Aslam uncle yaa mere aur kisi dost se bhi chudavayegee?"

She just said,"haan." And ran to her house.

End of Part-01

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