tagIncest/TabooMarrying Brother Ch. 13

Marrying Brother Ch. 13


In a matter of one week every lady in the house delivered their babies and all turned out to be baby boys. As we were pretty weak with our deliveries, my mother-in-law(pushpa)came over to help us out, she took good care of every one. It was a sight to watch all the four ladies feeding their babies at once in the living room. My mom at the age of 46 delivered a baby brother for me, sri was very happy with mom. As we were busy with babies, i can notice that arvind whispering something to sri's mom(pushpa) in the kitchen and i was pretty sure what it would be.


"Tumko iss silky nighty me dekh kar mera lund bahut bechain ho raha hai" said arvind.

"Acha! kyun? aisa kya hai iss nighty me damad ji?" said pushpa.

"yeh tumhare body se bahut kaske lipati hivu hai aur tumhari choochiyan ko sambhal nahin paa rahi, kaho to main madad kardun?" saying this arvind standing behind her slowly guided his hands on to her tits kneading them pretty slowly while kissing her ear lobes.

"Aaaahhhh.. damad ji, main bhi tumhare lund ke liye betaab hoon, aaj mujhe chhodna mat" said pushpa.

"Tu to meri randi hai, tujhe chhodne ka nahin chodne ka mann karta hai, chal kamre me aaj mai teri khwahish poori kardeta hoon" saying this arvind grabbed her hand and dragged her into his bedroom instantly.

She was allover him kissing him widly like a teenage girl, tearing his shirt. Arvind took off his pants revealing ihs hard-on to his mom-in-law. She took it completely into her mouth in one swift motion and started sucking on it widly deep-throating right away.

"Are are sambhal kar meri jaan, aise karogi to mera paani choot jaayega" said arvind.

"chhod de apna pani mere muh me randibaaz, pehle meri muh ki pyaas bhuja aur phir meri choot ki, chod haramazaade mera muh chod aur chhod de apna saara pani hmmm...slurppp..slurpp..aaahhhhh" said her.

"Randi bahut pyaasi hai mere paani ke liye to le mera paani aur ek khatra bhi chootna jaaye, le aur bhuja le apni pyaas" saying this arvind dumped his huge load deep down her throat which she took it so easily with out wasting a single drop.

"Ab to mai teri choot ki achi tarah khabar loonga" said arvind before dropping down to his knees to lick her mature hairy pussy.

"Ahhh...aurrrr....haaaann..karo mujhe..aur karo..hhmmm..oohhhhh... is pal ke liye taras rahi thi aur chaato meri choot aur jhadne do mujhe tumare chehre par, ahh....tumhe meri gaand bahut pasand hai naa......to kaat khao meri moti gaand ko...." said pushpa.

"Tumhare chutad to jaise meri jaan lerahe hai meri jaan,inki to puja karni chahiye aarti utaar ke" said arvind before moving down to lick her asshole good.

"puja baad me bhadve, pehle iski pyaas to bujha de haraamzade, aur na tarsa mujhe, meri moti gaand phad hi de mere rajaaa...." said pushpa.

Arvind was quite busy tonguing her asshole repeatedly, forcing his tongue deep into her asshole and making her squeal in pleasure. The room was filled with delightful moans of pushpa which were easily audible to the other family members in the living room, everyone was giggling listening to the moans coming out of the bedroom and were bit jealous of all the pleasure pushpa was gaining.

"aaaahhhh....oohhh.....haaaaannnnn.....iiisssssss...aur karooooooo naaaa....aabbbbaaaaaa...bhagwann. main jhadne hi waali hoon, ouucchhhhh....dheere see..kaato..ahhh..uurggghhhhhh" screamed pushpa before squirting her juices all over her son-in-law.

There was a sigh relief on pushpa's face after her orgasm but still hungry for his cock, so she pushed him on the bed and climbed over his cock to guide it deep into her wet pot, she was bouncing on his cock like a bitch in heat, her tits were bouncing wildly with each move. Arvind caught hold off her tits and started mauling them, pinching her nipples hard while she ride his cock in complete control.

"ohhh..fuck me fuck meeee.... you bitch fuck my cock hord, ride it like you want it whore, ahh.. ohh yeahh..you filthy slut....ride me....yeahhhhh.." said arvind.

"ahhaaannn...yeah..i want it, i want your cock to impregnate me my fucking goddd.. i want your baby, i want your filthy incets baby in my womb you asshole.. give it to me....ahhhhh..yeahh.." said pushpa.

"ohh yess you filthy whore, take it deep down your womb and make me a father of our child, hmmm...ahhh..yess....take it,...ahhhh..godd....i'm gonna cummmm....i'm cumminggg....ahhhhh..yess.." said arvind before dumping his huge load into her womb.

Pushpa was exhausted by the session, she fell on to his chest like a baby with his cock still deeply buried in her pussy. They fell asleep just like that for few hours and woke up with a repeated knock on the door, she was very careful not to let go of his incest seed in her pussy, so stuck a pussy plug into her hole before answering the door.

It was almost dinner time and everybody was present on the dining table happily enjoying their dinner, no one knows who will end up with whom that night. All the babies were asleep and left their parents to enjoy their incest affairs.


Suprisingly, dad left stating that he had some work to do and will be back early morning. I was little bit surprised about his work as he never did such thing earlier. After dinner, every one was present in living room chatting to each other, suddenly karthik stood up and grabbed his wife sowmya and dragged her into his room which spilled out laughter and right away we can hear sowmya grunting and moaning from the room which made us quite hot. I pulled preethi into the ktichen and explained what we need to do tonight. She was quite thrilled about what i said about threesome with their husband and mom. we walked into the hall to see arvind and sri allover pushpa aunty and mom respectively, we were delighted that it would be easy for us tonight.

Sri was squeezing my mom's tits romantically while kissing her passionately and on the other side of the couch i can see arvind's hands in to pushpa aunty's peticoat fingering her pussy while kissing her. Preethi and me both were hot as hell and rushed over to our groups. I broke their kiss and dragged them both to the bedroom before winking at preethi.

"kyun ri kutti, tu hum dono ko kheech kyun le aayi iss room me, teri maa ko chodne se tujhe jalan to nahin?" asked sri.

"are bhadve, sirf meri maa ko hi chodega kya? mera kya hoga haraamzaade? main bhi to teri patni hoon na? tera lund meri choot aur gand me gaye arse hogaya, main taras rahi hoon tere lund ke liye aur tu hai ki meri maa ki maarne me mujhe hi bhool gaya, bhool gaya saale maine teri shaadi maa se karwaayi, iss lund par pehla haq mera hai phir meri chudakkad maa ka samjha?" said me.

Mom was smiling over our argument and came between us, facing me and said "Anju beti, ye tera pati hai, tu jab chahe iss se chud sakti hai, main tumhare dono ke beech nahin aavungi, aaj mai tum dono ko akela chhod deti hoon. As she was saying this, sri rushed to hug her from behind and she fell on to me and we all fell on the bed which erupted smiles.

"Mom, i was just kidding and sri knows that, we were just having fun with you and we dont want you to leave tonight and be our guest, I want him to fuck us both tonight. Let's make it a memorable nigt for our husband" said me.

"Anju tu nahin jaanti mai kitna iss ke lund ki paagal hoon, agar tu haan kehde to mai iski randi biwi nahin, iski asli biwi banoongi, main iske naam ka mangalsutra apne gale me pehnoongi aur ise dil aur jaan se apna pati manoongi" said mom with tears flowing down which left us both shocked.

I was really moved by the words and decided to come up with something next day, sri was so happy fucking her that night and i was just enjoying their performance playing with myself leaving them alone on the bed. I planned it to be a threesome tonight but i left myself out of them.

Next day, i announced before everybody that i'm filing for divorce from my husband. Everyone was shocked to hear those words spilling out of my mouth. Mom was worried about our relations, but i assured her that nothing would change between us and cleared everything to them. Dad was the only one who wasn't surprised about my decision as he knows how much mom and sri loved each other.

It was easy to get through the divorce as we were mutually agreed to what ever the conditions were and happy to split,so did mom and dad. We decided to move from chennai as we dont want anyone to get suspicious about out relations, we moved our base to gujarat far away from chennai where no one knows a thing about us.

The moment we landed there, mom and sri decided to get married officially. I was the one who was happeir than anyone else, wedding took place with in few days with just our family present. Sri tied mangalsutra around her neck and filled her forehead with sindhoor of his name. Mom was in tears all the time the wedding took place, after the wedding both the couple took a bow to touch my feet as i did the sacrifice for them.

We got ready mom for her second official first night and unofficially third one, as she had it already with sri the night he married her as a whore wife. Mom holding a glass of milk entered sri's room who was quite horny by now for his new bride, he was shocked to see mom in just transparent saree draped over her body and nothing beneath it which actually showed off her every curve, we were laughing at sri's expressions.

"Sri, kyun hairaan ho? mom ne kuch nahin pehna saree ke siva, aaj to tumhari khair nahin" said me.

"mai marjawaaan..kayamat dhaal rahi hai meri biwi aaj, tum dono jaldi se bahar jaao, mai aur ruk nahin sakta" said sri.

we left the room giggling to the comments of sri and was sure that mom was into long night and will need some time tomorrow after some furious fucking.


vijaya placed the glass of milk on the table and bend down to touch his feet which made her pallu fell off and revealing her big milky tits to sri. He was so horny that, he grabbed her by the boobs and pushed her on to the bed. Vijaya was smiling all the way, sri stripped off his clothes in one swift motion and jumped on to her and began fucking her big tits after spitting a huge globe of saliva between them.

"ahhh...haaann...pati ji aur chodo meri choochiyaan ko, chodo inhe ab to main aapki biwi hoon aur aapki seva me haazir hoon, aapse chudwaanese mujhe ab koi rok nahin sakta, aur chodo mujhe.." said vijaya.

"Vijaya..main tumhe bahut jee jaan se chahta hoon aur mai tumhari achi tarah se dekhbaal karoonga aur achi tarah se chudaai bhi" said sri while fucking her big tits.

Vijaya spit some more between her tits to make it more slippery and sensual for them. Sri kept his speed and guided his hand to her pussy fingering her while fucking those biggies.

"Aaahhhh....ohhhh.....shhhhhh...karo mujhe aur karo..mere pati parmeshwar ahhhhh...main jhadne hi waali hoonnnn..ahhhhh.." screamed vijaya before erupting into huge orgasm.

Sri showed no mercy by plunging his hard tool into her pussy right away after her orgasm abd began banging her hard and nice with great force making her grunt with each thrust delivered strongly in to her love hole. Vijaya was enjoying his new husband's wild love towards her which maks her feel a decade younger bride.

"Ahhhh...ahhh..urrgghhhhh..vijaya,tumhari choot bahut hi mazaa derahi hai, main aur tik nahi paaongaaa...main jhad raha hoon jaaannnnnn...le mera pani aur bharle apni god mere bachche se.." screamed sri before dumping his huge load deep into her pussy.

He cuddled her like a child with his cock still burried in her pussy kissing her passionately, Anju and preethi were quite curious about the newly wed couple, They both knocked the door early in the morning to which there was no response. After waiting for a while,they walked into the room to find vijaya bouncing on sri's cock and grunting on him to go hard.

"Baap re baap, maa abhi tumhari choot ki pyass nahin bujhi kya? sri ko thoda aaram to karne do" said anju.

Vijaya turned around to see her daughter and preethi watching and said "maine tujhe kaha tha ke main iss lund ko kitna chahti hoon aur isse chudne me mujhe kitna mazaa aata hai aur mera pati bhi meri gaand ka diwana hai. Do diwaane milte hain to aisa hi kuch hota hai."

"Are waah sri tumne to meri maa par jaadoo hi kardiya apne lund se, ruko mat phad do meri maa ki gaand ko apne iss tane huve lund se" said anju before dragging preethi out of the room.

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