tagIncest/TabooMom vs Midget

Mom vs Midget


November 2007 Mumbai Santa Cruz in some posh bungalow in some rich society


This is about my widow mom and her apathy and escapade due to dire situations .it so happened that after father's death his debts grew with our sorrows and now each day was a war ...mom tried her luck at possible places but luck was commodity no-one was ready to share so by the rule book she sorted to lowly means to meet both ends meet ... being her son I felt my responsibility..left studies and ran off for a job in a call-center in pune where I worked nights and did a waiter at days but Mumbai is a dream which breaks at every morning .......one such morning after my nightshift my friend approached me smiling ......

Hey dude chick this out ......

Abbey sale iiiiphone ....kahan se dude .....

Abbey bhau ka ashirwad .......amrika ka maal dude amrika......kal hi tapka hai ghar pe..

Sale tu to India ka pehla iphone customer hua ...that calls for a party maaaan...

Abbey tham ... dhakhoto mi tham .....

Arey jhakkas bidu kya look hai bhai ....

Hai na ......be nazar mat laga ....apne pagar ka double daam hai aur mujhe ek janam lagega kharidne ko ...

Bas bas ......bahut hua teri gaandmasti chal kuch pondi bata ...

Abbey haan ek jhakaas .....hai par thoda weird hai midget sex with a milf ....

Abbey chalega .......thandi mein garmi ka ehsaas to hoga chal blututh on kar bhai aur bhej ghar jake holi khelta ........

Le transfer karto ...apna cab baner tak jate jate hoyega na ....

Tu bhej na jaldi .....

Thek hai chal ja raha hai accept kar ...

Ok ...ab door mat ja darling

sutta pilata15 min hai cab ko .....madar aj customer ne gaand le li..........

This talk went on till I reached my pg and bid farewell to ashish my colleague.....ran off to my room opened the door tiptoed into my room without waking my partners and crawled into my bed thinking after days will I relax with a good sex show followed by a elaborate masturbation .....

The film started with the heading ma bani randi .....

Some weird porno names flashed then started with a video

What followed after was a horror

An ugly black midget had caught a woman by her hair from behind but the shock was that the woman had 99%resemblance with my mom ..... I threw the phone on the bed and jumped off the bed imagining a dark cloud shrouding over me. I rushed to the kitchen made tea with shaky hands drank it lit a cigarette and returned back to the phone turned on the video paused where the close-up of the woman was visible and to my utter horror my assumptions were all right the milf was my mom .......my own mom.......no this can't happen in my family .......this happens in movies ......... no one may have seen it .......i will delete it of the internet ..........no not possible ........abey kya karu ......ran to the medical store took some sleeping pills from rajesh (apna setting guru) gulped them and ran back to my room thinking and awoke late at night by a call ...

.abey madarchod sale cab tere baap ki hai? sale 10 min se ruki hai tere liye .......

abey ashish tu ja main aj bunk hai re ....apne TL ko manage ka lena ....

Par kya hua be

Kuch nahin ja na bhosadike ...mera biwi hai kya ...chal bhag yahan se aur sun mere tl ko kehna main ghar ja sakta hu bahut emergency hai ...

Sun be nawab ke laude tl ko sirf manage karunga baaki tu kariyo....aur ha pn uthana ...

Theek hai ....

I was totally out of sleep ....but was feeling horny alone tried some numbers but no use had no pondi except one so stealthily with my heart crossed began the video

The ugly dwarf had grasped mom by her hair while mom was standing on the ground and he was on the bed. mom cried out in pain trying to reach for her hair , the midget was behind her fully naked with is huge dick dripping with pre-cum and dangling between his legs he was speaking to the director and was asking him whether to begin or not

At The scene

"Arey director sahib chudai chalu karu kya pura din nahin hai aur bhi shoot hai''

"Arey chotu tu badhiya shoot dega na aur isko chod payega na''

"Arey director mera lund acche acche randiyon ko rula diya , bhai yeh to mar hi jayigi

...kyun meri kutiya sahi bol raha hu na ...aj to tujhe aisa chodunga ki iske baad tere chut

ka bhosda ho jayega ...aur mera hi lund mangti phiregi" .....saying this he kissed mom on

Her cheek and stroked her lips with his baby hands...

Mom's face was that of pain ....she was in a tight black bra and a black thong bikini her tummy was slightly protruding but her thighs ass and boobs were wow her feet were in dark red high heels which made her look very tall...and she was writhing in pain as the midget twisted her hair more she had a stretched look on her face and her left feet was off the ground behind her right feet indicating her frustration.

She said softly

please mujhe jaldi jane do main aise video mein kaam nahin karti agar muje paise ki jarurat na hoti . chotu ji main ek ma aur ek biwi hu mera pariwar nast ho jayega agar mere video ka galt upyog hua to. Aur aap mujhe dhandewali na samjhein main ek izzatdaar aurat hu bas samay ki maari hu ...

Abbey randi tere jindagi ka sabse bura din aa gaya ki aj tu chotu ki rakhail baan gayi tera to badan mera playground hoga dekh aj meri chudai .....

Saying this he wrapped his tiny arms around moms belly and one hand on her mouth then slowly he pressured mom to sit on the bed then he rode on her right shoulder and held his dick close to her mouth and made mom turn her head...then he rode moms left shoulder now he was on moms shoulders from the front but his pipe was pressing against her face

Chal ab tu mera lund chus ke maze le aur yaad rakh pura lena warna bahar nahin nikalne dunga

mom submitted to his threat and the midget pushed his cock inch by inch into her mouth as his dick reached inside mom started moaning but that pimp still drilled deeper till his full dick was punishing her throat .mom in denial was frantically slapping his dirty black ass as a signal of desperation but the midget was too adamant to let go and caught moms hair and pushed deeper mom gave way and fell on the bed still struggling and now she was kicking her legs and was trying to push off the midget but in vain she was overpowered by the little asshole......

The director said

aur jor se chod Sali ke muh ko ...

.it was past 3 minutes and mom was stuck with the midget dick so badly that she was now moaning and gurgling loudly as tears rolled down her cheek ..... suddenly the midget let go of her and mom sprinted back and sat on the bed gasping for air when the bastard again pulled her down by her hair and rode back on her boobs and slapped the soaking dick on her cheek moms face was red her mouth was dripping wet and her makeup was giving away .... The midget aimed his dick towards mom's mouth and started inserting again now he was bobbing moms mouth full strokes on his dick. He was seated on mom's boobs and was enjoying his ride. it was hard to tell whether mom was in pain or not but as the fuck was going on she was looking like a whale and the midget was like a small boat ......but the midget was in full control, moms desperation was slowing she was now submitting to the midget her arms were held over her head by the midget while she was gulping the dick in and out as the midget was pumping his tool in moms mouth his balls were slapping moms chin. Mom's boobs were inflating and deflating periodically as she was now breathing heavily. her legs were parted and folded and the thong bikini was barely covering her hole but still she was sometimes thumping and moaning when the midget delayed his strokes ...this went on for half an hour till the director called for a break (but the video was still rolling with an alternate camera recording)....as the director shouted cut the midget stood up with his shlong drenched with saliva and pre-cum and mom s face was covered with the same her eyelashes and mascara was blushed and her hair was fully hazy and unkempt .the midget caught mom by her hand and pulled her up on the bed and said .

theek hai na tu jyada joor se tere muh ko choda to nahi .

moms head was down and was wiping the liquids and she nodded a no ... seeing this the midget smooched mom once and said

tu to aj meri rani hai janeman aj tujhe jindagi ka sabse accha din dikhaunga thoda ruk ja and again kissed mom onher pink lips and then slapped on her back and said fresh ho ja agle shoot ke liye ...

Mom went to the director and said

please apne kaha sex nahin hoga sirf oral hoga....main nahin kar paungi who bauna bahut joor se karta hai aur uska penis bhi bahut jalim hai please ap kuch karo muje mera paise de do aur jane do

Arey pagal hai kya aap apke sath sex nahin hoga kyun pareshaan ho rahein hai apko sirf ek chota sa bed scene hai fir apko apka paisa mil jayega on hering this moms face grew happy and she sat on the sofa while a girl started her makeup. After 15 minutes the director whispered something to the midget and the midget went away and came back with a glass of water and offered mom, she drank it with a smile.

The midget then took moms hand and walked her to the bed ... It was looking a small child was walking mom to the bed ... the director positioned the camera and the midget climbed mom and reached his hands to unhook her bra to which mom resisted in return the midget started to smooch mom .....mom got so lost by his smooch that she unwillingly let go off her guard and the midget slowly unhooked the bra and quickly threw it off the bed .... Her huge milk pots were milk white ripe and pink on the nipples on which the midget's chest was pressing ...mom started moaning and writhing seeing this midget reached for her panties with his legs and undid them then he left mom's mouth and spat on her face and said

aaja randi mere lund ka joor dhek abhi ........nahin chudegi tu? abdekh kaise phadta hut era chut dekh bas ab .......mom was listening but her body was now in full heat because of the sex drink tricked by the midget .....

He pulled the panty off her feet over the heels and smelt it and threw them away climbed on the bed caught moms feet held them over his body and pressed them against her body which made her asshole and cunt naked for any attack ....mom got back to her senses ...on realizing she was fully naked she struggled to drop her legs but she saw the midget folded her legs on the bed beside her head and was putting weight on them ....the director was filming her pussy which was pink and bald only her cunt was wet and her asshole was closed her cunt hole seemed only as big as a nose hole and from her ass end her huge ass was split ways and in between were her holes on top of them the midgets tiny legs and his dangling cock was present ......mom was helpless by the pin ...by then the midget was sucking on her boobs and his hands was wrapped around moms neck as a lock . mom had a horrified look on her face and was saying no no no please don't fuck me please ,please ......please don't fuck me ....but the midget turned deaf and was licking moms boobs as if it was his property he was sucking so hard that mom was shrieking in pain and was helplessly swaying her feet which was pinned to the bed ......the midget then reached for his tool and rubbed it on moms cunt mom stated swaying her arms in denial but the midget thrust his shlong into her hole as if a hot knife was cutting through butter . His dickhead was too huge for her tiny hole so he took some saliva from his mouth and rubbed it on his penis after which hi sbig huge dick managed to just tear open moms pussy on which mom gave a huge cry .....unnoticing her shouts the midget began slowly tearing through her tunnel and he was digging deep mom's shouts gave away more than before she was facing hell only with 5 inches of the monster more 5 inches of the thick devil was to go in when mom started crying for help saying

....please muje bachao mera rape ho raha hai please muje bachao help me mera rape ho raha hai ....but the room was so packed well that a blast would go unnoticed her crying was all in vain

Seriously I was feeling sorry for mom ...at the same time was feeling horny seeing a tiny fucker finishing off my mom like a pro ...mom seemed so helpless that it was sure now she had to get fucked so well that was way beyond her wildest dreams......

All her thumping and shouting was quieted by the brat again ...as he resorted to smooching mom ...his black lips sucked at moms juices like honey and mom gave way with quiet moans while the dick slipped inch by inch into her hole till it touched the limit where she again started moaning heavily ........ The midget was so devil that he did not stop at that but applied more pressure .....his plan was to rupture moms vaginal walls and make her bleed from inside ....so as to prove his manhood ........on seeing this I felt so helpless that my mom was being heavily misused by the bastard who was just a speck of dust for me but his teasing face ....seemed to portray that it is impossible to stop me from fucking your mom however hard you try ... his attempt to damage mom was in progress when the director cried out cut.......

The midget said

...arey sir climax pe to shot mat rooko.......and the director said tu chalu reh second camera on hai I am taking a rest...........the midget said ...arey yeh raand bhi thak gayi hogi ...thoda chod deta ise

saying this he slapped mom on her boobs thrice pinched her nipples and started shaking them with his dick still inside her poor vagina ...

Mom opened her mouth wide to cry out when he stuffed her panties in her mouth stopping her voice ........after which he started his rapid pumping which I saw was more than hell for mom to bear but it lasted just a few pumps after which he withdrew his cock leaving a big gaping cunt hole ....moms feet fell on the bed with a thud .mom quickly removed the panties from her mouth and reached for her lower abdomen with both hands and started rolling on the bed writhing in pain naked...the director approached her and asked her what happned ...she murmered

Sir usne muje bahut andar takfuck kiya mera wombwall shayad rupture ho gaya

(to continue email me plz)

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