tagLoving WivesMy Wife's Sister Ch. 03

My Wife's Sister Ch. 03


Things were going pretty cool with Rahul fucking priya almost everyday with or with out his wife's consent. Priya was madly in love with Rahul's cock which made her a total whore craving for his cock everytime, as sohan was very workaholic, namitha rarely fucks him which left her totally horny thinking about her husband's fuck with priya and masturbating dreaming of raj's lund up her ass. Sometimes, rahul has to fuck them both as sohan works very late and most probably won't return home other nights.

As saturday arrived, Namitha was overjoyed of having raj's lund up her ass the whole week and was ready very early, waiting for rahul to get ready to go pick up her sister and raj from the airport. Rahul can sense her urgency of getting fucked by her lover and was happy for her as he would be fucking her curvy sister after a long time. They drove to the airport in hurry waiting for them eagerly, savitha and raj walked out hand-in-hand towards them. Savitha was looking stunning in the blue saree wrapped around her curvy figure with loose hair, staring at her rahul was already hard and thinking of taking her right there in the airport.

Namitha ran past her husband to hug her big sister before kissing slightly on her cheek and then turned towards raj who was smiling at her innocently, she embraced him tightly smashing her titties in to his chest before giving a light peck on his lips and a grope to his cock through his pants. Rahul groped his sister-in-law's ass while hugging her tightly to which she let out a low moan which went unnoticed by their partners. Namitha got in to the car with raj in the back seat leaving savitha to have a seat beside her husband who was driving.

The moment they boarded the car Namitha was all over raj kissing him wildly and stroking his huge bulge through his pants. Rahul drove the car slowly watching his wife sucking the giant cock with so much thirst which left them moaning pretty soundly, he was so involved in watching them that he didn't notice his sister-in-law's hands invading his pants and stroking his dick while spitting on it. He was trying hard to concentrate on driving, savitha was sucking on his dick pretty fast while groping his balls once in a while. He was trying hard not to cum, but her blowjob was driving him insane and suddenly he heard raj groan and spurting his load in to his wife's mouth which made him blow his own load down savitha's throat which she eagerly swallowed.

"Raj, mai to tere lund ke liye betaab hoon aur bahut hi pyaasi hoon chudaai ke liye, mere pati ko ek aur randi milgayi apni pyaas bujhane ke liye, ye poora hafta tumhare lund pe sirf mera haq hai aur kisi ka bhi nahin, jo kuch karna hai be jhijak karlo mujhse aur mai tumhe na nahin kahoongi aur didi tum ko to kaafi competition karna padega mere pati ke lund ke liye kyunki priya rahul chodne wali nahin" said priya.

"Haan meri jaan mai bhi tumhari choot aur gaand ke liye taras raha hoon, inki khabar liye bagair main yahan se nahin jaaonga" said raj before groping her tits through her top and kissing her lips.

"Ye priya kya cheez hai jo iske baare me namitha itna bata rahi thi phone par, mai usse milna chahoongi dekhenge ye randi kya kayaamat dhalti hai" said Savitha.

The moment they reached home, both the couples got naked in seconds and were all over each other. Raj helped namitha on to the table and burried his face into her naked cunt lapping it like a hungry dog and making her grunt with pleasure. Rahul got hold of savitha's ass spreading it wide enough to tongue her shit hole happily. The living room was filled with groans and moans of the two slutty sisters making out with each other's husbands.

"Ahhhh.. raj dekho to mera pati tumhari biwi ki gaand ka ched kaise chakh raha hai, rahul ko to bhare bhare chutad bahut pasand hai aur unki to ache se khabar leta hai" said Namitha.

"hhhmm..ahhhh..oohh rahul tumhare chakhne ka andaaz mujhe aur bhi garam kar raha hai, lage raho mere nawaab aur karo ahh...mai sadke jawaan tumhare iss andaaz pe ahh..chakle jee bhar ke chakle mere raja aaaaahhhhhh...." screamed Savitha.

Rahul was pushing his tongue deep into her ass licking her inner bowels clean, savitha can't control herself squirting her cum all over his face. Rahul was happily tasting her juices flowing from her pussy for a while before pushing back his tongue into her ass. Savitha was squealing in delight to his wild love towards her ass and enjoying each and every moment of his licking. After two more orgasms savitha pulled him up to suck his dick deep down her throat.

Meanwhile, namitha was sucking raj's cock like a hungry bitch. raj was grunting to her wild blowjob driving him insane, he got hold of her ponytail and started slamming his hard tool deep into her mouth, the vocal sounds were echoing in the living room with each thrust. Both the sisters were slurping the cocks and blowing them hard and good. After a while, savitha stood up and got hold of rahul's cock with one hand and dragged him to the nearby stairs, she bent over the stairs and looked at him like a hungry dog begging for pounding.

"Dal de apna lund rahul apni saali ki choot me behenchod" said savitha looking hungrily into rahul's eyes.

Rahul slammed his dick into her dripping cunt in one powerful thrust making her grunt in passion. He started banging her cunt like never before to which she was enjoying his each thrust and craving more of his beautiful fuck. They were looking like fucking doggies on a street , namitha was watching them while blowing raj's cock and fingering her cunt. Savitha started her nasty and dirty talk to heat him up more and it was working as rahul started banging her pretty hard.

Watching them made both namitha and raj hot and raj poised his big tool at her pussy and banged in hard into her. For an instance namitha screamed like she's dead but then she enjoyed his roughness as she was waiting for this for a long time. Both the sisters were getting what they were dreaming for few weeks, there were no more inhibitions or jealous to stop them from enjoying the beautiful session.

Savitha was the first one to rock with orgasm screaming on top of her lungs and grunting for more. Rahul was in no hurry of leaving her sister-in-law and kept slamming his tool hard and fast into her cunt making her cum in no time again.

"ohhh..yeahh..slam it in my pussy you bastard and make me cum like never before you nasty son of a bitch.fuck me fucckkk...yeahhh..." said Namitha.

"Hmm..nice little sister, you really like my husband banging you like a cheap whore, don't you bitch?" asked savitha looking at her sister moaning while riding rahul's lund in a cowgirl style.

"ohh..yeah.. i love it when he hits my cervix hard didi, it makes me cum hard. I bet you love riding my hubby's dick as i can see your love towards him" said Namitha.

"Fuck me.... yeah fuck ..ahhhh..godd..damn it... raj nikalo apna lund aur daal do meri gaand me jiske liye mai taras rahi thi" said namitha.

Raj slammed his dick into her asshole in one swift motion and rocked her with hard thrusting. Namitha was on cloud 9 with her ass getting fucked as she dreamed of, she was moaning and grunting with each thrust he delivered deep down her ass. Savitha stood up to pull out rahul's cock from her cunt and slowly lowered her ass on to his dick to fill her up shit hole. she kept riding his dick deep in to her ass while rahul just kept playing with her tits and let her do the work on his dick.

"aahhh.chodo mujhe raj, chodo meri gaand ko zorseee...oohhh..yeaahhh..zorse..ahhh.. aur chodo apni saali ko aur mazaa lo jijaji" said namitha.

Raj and Rahul kept going wildly giving it to their whores and then raj announced his orgasm and dumped his huge load deep in namitha's asshole grunting heavily. Namitha was exhausted with the fucking she got early in the morning, raj fell on to her kissing and biting her lips for the next few minutes before they fell asleep hugging each other on the dining table.

Savitha was smiling watching her sister and husband on the table, rahul was still going strong penetrating her saali's ass for fe more minutes before dumping his load in to her mouth which she happily swallowed. Both the couples were asleep in no time, clothes were all over the living room.

The next door wife priya was all alone and was hoping for rahul to show up for some fucking fun, she dressed up in a pink babydoll that barely holds her big fucking tits and barely covers her naked big ass. she was hot as hell and was so frustrated waiting for rahul that she decided to go fuck him right at his home infront of his wife. She put on a long coat over her babydoll, locked her house and walked in rahul's place. She was surprised to see the door slightly open and walked in to see the naked couples in the living room. She was a bit jealous to see rahul lying in arms of an unknown girl, she tip toed towards him and slowly wake him up.

"Are priya tum yahan kya kar rahi ho?" asked rahul in a low voice.

"Rahul meri jaan mai kabse tumhara intezaar kar rahi hoon ghar pe, phir socha tumse yahin chudwaaloon, isliye chali aayi" whispered priya before opening her long coat to expose her full naked body covered just under a see through babydoll.

"Oh my goddd..priya tumne to mere lund me phir se jaan daaldi, kya dikh rahi ho jaan, aur tumhari chuchiyan to mujhe kaat khane ke liye cheekh rahi hai" said rahul beforre grabbing her boobs by his mouth and started sucking them.

"nahin idhar nahin jaan.. chalo kahin aur chalte hain, mai bahut hi pyaasi hoon subah se" said priya,

He grabbed her and carried her to the bedroom upstairs while kissing her hungrily. He dropped her on to the bed and fell over her kissing and biting her whole body. Her tits were free in matter of few seconds and rahul started feasting on them like a baby hungry for milk. Priya started moaning right away with his actions.

"Dheere priya dheere.. meri saali ki aankh kahin khulna jaaye, woh to tumse jalti hai aur tumse milna bhi chahti hai par abhi nahin" said rahul before continuing his boob sucking.

"ahh...rahul aur chooso in chuchiyon ko, kabse tumhare intezaar me dabe pade hain in kapadon me, kaat khao inhe meri jaan aahhh..aur chooso naaa...ohhh..tabhi to main tumpe marti hoon meri jaan" whispered priya.

After sucking her boobs for a while, he slowly made his way to her hairy pussy glistening with juices and started tongue fucking her fuck hole. He forced his tongue deep in to her pussy and kept humping on it. Priya was trying hard not to scream by biting the pillow and grunting heavily. In a matter of minutes priya was cumming hard squirtiing her juices allover his face.

Rahul's dick was so hard by now, he stood up and penetrated her pussy right away and started pounding her pussy so hard, the fucking sounds were amazing as they were echoing all over the room. Meanwhile, down there Savitha woke up to some strange sounds and was surprised to see rahul missing and decided to get a quick fuck from him before her sister wakes up. She slowly walked naked towards the bedroom upstairs and was shocked to moans and grunts erupting from the bedroom, she sneaked into the room to see rahul fucking some girl with all his might and that girl was enjoying every bit of fucking, savitha couldn't control herself watching them and pushed in two fingers for a fucking orgasm.

"chodo mujhe ahhhh.chodo..zorse chodo mujhe ohhhh...hmmmm..ahhhh..kya mast lund hai tumhara rahul jo mujhe paagal kardeta hai, aur chodo na....zorse rahul zorse....ahhh..." grunted priya no longer caring about the ones down there in living room.

"Hai meri jaan, tum to meri achi randi ho jiske chuchiyan aur chootad is duniya me sabse bhare aur pyaare hain, kaash tum meri patni hoti aur main tumhari har pal chudai karta" said rahul before speeding up his penetration.

Savitha was surprised by their words but enjoyed their conversation filled fucking session and kept fingering herself. Rahul was going nuts fucking priya so hard and fast that priya was rocked by orgasm after orgasm, she was moaning like a mad bitch urging for more screaming on top of her lungs which made the other couple wake up and they too walked up to see savitha fingering herself watching some one and they made their way to see rahul fucking priya like a horny bunny.

"Are waah priya kab aayi apni chudaai ke liye" whispered namitha to savitha.

"acha to yahi priya hai, tabhi to rahul itna uttejit hokar chudaai kar raha hai. kuch bhi kaho magar ye randi kamaal ki hai, iska figure to kisi bhi mard ko paagal karde, rahul ki to nikal padi behna" said savitha.

Raj was hot watching all the action and started playing with namitha's tits from behind while savitha fingering herself to another orgasm. Namitha wasn't surprised by raj's move and got hold of his big boner and started stroking it to the full mast.

Rahul was on full speed fucking priya and announced his ejaculation to which priya grunted "chod do apna pani mere choot ke undar, daal do meri jaan aur dedo apna najaayaz bacha mujhe." Rahul spurted his huge load deep into her womb grunting and panting heavily and fell on her. priya opened her eyes to see namitha stroking the biggest cock she has ever seen in her life, bigger than rahul and let out a gasp.

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