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First of all I would like to describe myself I am 5.2 feet brown hair and what I guess is a perfect body (36:24:34). We are two members in the family me and my father as my mom works at Mumbai hence I had seen a lot of girls come to our place with father most of them were beautiful and sexy with huge tits and sexy bodies. I was a kid at the time and I didn't know what the purpose of those girls was.

It all started about three years back when I was in school and one day a friend of mine got a book with a lot of sexy stories and photos of many naked girls and men with all kinds of dicks (lun) while looking at the photos I felt something strange going on in side ma body coz I had seen father and his girlfriends doing some thing naked but at that time I didn't know what. So I asked my friend as if she could lend me the book and she gave it to me that day I could not wait for the time to pass as I wanted to go home and read the stories and look at the photos after the school ended I went home and started reading the book in the TV lounge my father was off to work so no one was home. so boys and girls here the story begins but I will tell u all in Urdu/Hindi words.

Jab main wo book per rahee thi mujhay kuch honay laga or main nay apni phudi (pussy) ko ragarna shuro ker diya(that was of course with my clothes on) main mehsoos ker rahee thi kay meri phudi geeli ho rahee hai ahista ahista mera hath apni shorts kay ander jana shuro hua or main apni phudi ko dabanay or masalnay lagee. Main is kaam main itni magan thi kay ahista ahista main nay apni shorts or Tshirt utar di ab main nangee thi or apnay mamay(tits) or phudi daba or masal rahee thi is kaam say meray under ik ajeeb or sweet see khoaish (wish) ai or main chahtee thi kay koi meray saath bhi wohi karay jo us tasweer main ho raha tha mujhay bohot hi maza aa raha tha or main itni magan thi kay mujhay pata hi nahee chala kay meray father keb say mujhay dekh rahay thay (he had a spare key of the house and had came in through there) ik dum hi meri nazar samnay paree to main nay un ko dekha or main der gaee. Un ho nay mujhay kuch nahee kaha sirf ghurtay rahay. main nay jaldee say apnay kapray uthay or dusray kamray main bhag gai. After changing the clothes i felt very bad and couldent face hm but 15 mins later i herd him calling me.i went to him with my face down and feeling gulty.he asked me to sit down and then he asked what i was doing i told him it was a mistake and that i was sorry .but he told me that it was ok and there was no need for sorry then he told me that it was all natural but it was not the right thing for my self and the health.

Unhon nay mujhay kaha kay ager main horny hoty hun to bajay is kam kay mujhay chaiy key main kisi boy kay sath karoon phir pocha if i had ever done that i said no and he said he will teach me how to do so. phir unhon nay pocha ager tum horny ho to batao main tumhain abhee batata hun. main nay kaha ok to kehnay lagay meray paas ao phir mujhay junglion ki tarha chumnay(kiss)unho nay mera pura mun pay kiss kia meray honto pay bhi kiss kia or main bhi masti main aa gaee.woh mujhay kiss kartay rahay or maray mamy dabanay lagay is say main or bhi masti main aa gai phir unho nay meri tshirt phar di or mamay zor zor say dabanay lagay or unko chosnay lagay phir unho nay mari shorts utar di or mari phudi ko ragernay lagay sath sath hi meray mamay bhi chus rahay they phir woh ghutno (knees) kay bal baith gayay or phudi chatnay lagay maray jisam main aag lag gaee thi or main zor zor say awazain nikal rahee thi unho nay apnay kapray utar diay un ka lun(dick) 8" lamba or 3" mota tha.

Unhon nay mujhay kaha kay is ko chuso main nay aisa hi kiya or muchay bohot maza aya ik dum he mujhay esa laga meri jaan nikal rahee ho mager mujhay bohot maza aya or main un ka lun zor zor say chuknay lagee woh bohot mazay main thay or bohot bol rahay thay aaaahhh amna zor say chuso mujhay kha jaoo ahhhhh zor say or zor say aaahhhh plz aaahh maza araha hai mmmmmmm is tarah ki batain phir woh bolay amna main chutnay laga hoon (discharge) meri manee (cum) pee lo phir woh chut giay or mera mun un ki manee (cum) say bher gaya woh bolay is ko pee lo or main un ki manee pee gayee mujhay bohot maza aya phir oh bolay ab sofa pay late jao or khud nechay bath ker phudi chatnay lagay phir under say ik botal oil ki lay aiy or apnay lun per mala or mere phudi pay bhi mala phir bolay derd ho ga lakin maza ziada aiy ga.phir apna lun maree phudi main ahista ahista dalna lagay mujhay derd hui or main nay un ko bata diya un ho nay phir or ahista dala phir mujhay bohot maza aya phir jab un ka lun pura ander chala gaya un ho nay hilna shuro ker diya or main nay bhi hilna shuro ker diya main bolnay lagee zor say karo orr zor say aaah abu maza a raha hai or phir main chut gaee or us kay baad unho nay apna lun baher nikal ker haath say hilana shuro ker diya or mari mun or mamoon per chura diya or bolay mader chod gashtee is ko apnay mun or mamoon per mel dalee apnay baap ki manee mal.

Main nay aisa hi kiya or phir unho nay mujha uthya or pucha maza aya main nay kaha haan to bolay kisi ki batana nahee phir un hoon nay meri puri raat li or phir umlog akethay hi soo gaiy us kay bad hum loog roz kertay hain or gher main bilkul nangay rehtay hain.he fucked me through the back too but i will tell about it in the next story. abb meray bohot say dost hain jo mujhay akser chodtay hain abu(father)ko is ka nahee pata lekin kia karoon aab un kay lun ka utna maza nahee ata or mera dil kerta hai her ik kay lun say chudoon.

I know most of u would be thinking that fucking my father was wrong but i realy enjoyed and girls if u want to get fucked get fucked bye ur father.

Bye bye. or baray lun walay larkoo mujhay mail kerna mat bholna kiyon kay main tum sub ko khush rakh saktee hoon. :))))))))))))))))))))))))))

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