tagIncest/TabooSister-in-law Teaches Sex

Sister-in-law Teaches Sex


Hi, My name is Raja, I used to live with my cousin brother Srikant and his wife Rami in Surat. My brother is a construction contractor making good money, but very often he used to go out of town and work late at night.

One day I came from college and Bhabhi told me your Nasta is on table, you eat mean while I am feeding new born baby girl shruti. Shruti drank some breast milk and went to sleep. Rami's milk was flowing out her bra and cloths were getting wet. After finished my nasta I went to her room where she was wiping her breast and changing bra. Rami looked me, she looked at me, so I said I am sorry I will come back later, she said hold it I need your help, I asked her what ?

Rami said baby does not drink enough milk and milk is running out of breast, If you don't mind can you suck out some ?, I said bhabhi this is not right I should not touch you, she told me that I am older than you and I say it is OK.

I wasted no time and started sucking her big moome, drank quite a bit milk, while I was sucking her breast, she got so horney and she started moving her hands on head, back then on my pant she said, Srikant is always busy with his business, since baby is born he never had chance to have sex with me, can you help me release my sexual tension, I just nodded and she opened my pant's fly pulled down my pant and slide down my underpants, my cock was hard already she looked at it and took it in both hand, she looked at me and said aare taro lund to bahu motto chhe, koi divus koi chhokri ne chodi chhe ?

Bhabhi college ma chhokrio ne jovano time j kya male chhe. Arre avo saras taro lund chal tane chodta sikhvadu. Immediately she took my lund in her mouth started sucking she could not take it all so she started leaking all around. "Aje to tane chut ni maja chakhadis" and she took her clothes off. I was amazed, she is beautiful and very sexy .

I took off all my clothes, we both were naked. My cock hard like a rock it is 9 inches long and 2.5 inches in diameter, she told me to get some baby oil from her dressing table I picked up a bottle of baby oil. Then she said avija bed ma.

She had shaved her pussy very nice she laid on bad open her legs and said to me chal mari chut ne chat, so started leaking her pussy she was in heaven she started moaning within minute her juice started flowing and she was in heavon. After 10 minutes she said have taro varo, and she started sucking my cock again my cock was hot and throbbing, then few minutes later she said now it is time, she took some baby oil and applied on cock and started massaging and made it very slippery, then she laid back and told me to come over. I reach between her legs and pointed my cock to her pussy hole she took it in her one hand and started rubbing around pussy hole, then she put my glob and inserted in her, dhime dhime ander nakh, so I slowly pushed within 4 stroke entire length went in and my pubic hair were touching her nicely shaved pussy and my testicles were rubbing her ass.

She said bus have thodi var aamne aam rakh. So waited there for a minute she was moaning, and moaning, i started sucking her nipple and pressing another breast with hand. Then she told me to fuck her I started moving my cock in and out of her pussy, then she said chod raja chod bahuj maja ave chhe, Srikant chutya ne to chodta j nathi avdtu, eno lodo to 4 inch no chhe, tu to mane khub maja de chhe. I got so exited and I started fucking faster, I fucked her for 20 minutes she came two times, then I said bhabhi maru jism nikdvanu chhe bahar kadhi lau, Rami said na ander j avne, and I sperted 5 times filled her pussy with gui jism. She loved every bit of fucking. I got up went to bathroom and cleaned up. When I came back she said we are finished yet so don't dress up.

She went to bathroom cleaned up herself. came back started kissing me. She told me that I made her feel good now on every time we get chance she will let me fuck her. After few minute she started fondling with my cock and again I got erected, she said juvan lund ni bahu maja ave and again she started sucking my lund, again my lund became hard like rock. then she said "have tare mari gaand marvani chhe, mari gaand ma tane bahu maja avse" . She bend down on her knees and told me put lots off oil on asshole so poured some oil on her asshole and started rubbing her and put one finger in, took more oil and greased her asshole from inside, she started moaning and said to me "chutya tane chod ta avde chhe, avu sarus chodus to mane maja avechhe". Then I took some oil and applied on hard cock made it very slippery and applied extra oil on the knob. Then I said spread your ass I am going to insert, by both hand she opened her butt, I targeted my lund on her asshole and pushed and put lot of pressure, suddenly her asshole opened wide and took my head in she started screaming "arre taro lund mari gaand fadi nakhse, bahu dukhe chhe", So I pulled out my lund from her ass, she started roaming her hand around her ass to see if it was ripped or bleeding, I said bhabhi nathi lohi nikadtu, jo bahuj dukhtu hoi to apne gaand nathi marvi apne chodi lai, She said "na na avo sarus taro lund mare to gaand j maravi chhe". Raja thodu dhime kar.

Again I took lots of oil and rubbed on her ass and applied on my cock head. She said she is ready again to do. So Slowly I started entering my cock in her ass, again after some effort the head went in, she said hold it there don't move, let mari gaand ne adjust thava de. After few minute she said move your lund in and out little bit so started moving my cock in and out little by little, she said slap on her butt so I smaked couple of times on her butt and started rubbing her pussy to ease her pain, then little by little she took my whole 9 inches cock in her ass.

I was very hot I said I have to ram her like a horse. She said go ahead I started moving in and out my cock in her ass, then I picked up speed after 25 minutes of fucking I said I am cumming bhabhi, she said ander j aav so I unloaded my jism in her asshole. I bucked her for few minutes then took out my lund from her asshole, her asshole was open for a while.

Rami said, Yogi aaj thi tu maro premi chho, mane hamesha chod je. Havve to tari pase j chodavis. For over 2 year we have been making love whenever we get chance, Now I am working as an Engineer leaving alone in my flat, but still we make love, she is very nice to me. I want to get her pregnant with my semen, so I can give her a son, handsome like me.

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