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An Awful Indian Story  (46)
A story of a Indian Family~ A Classical Story Never Read.

Tinukso Ni Bayaw  (33)
Nakababatang kapatid ni misis. (Tagalog)

Joan  (30)
Ang asawa ng bestfriend ko. (Tagalog)

Closet Romance  (30)
A love and romance between mother and son in the Philippines. (Tagalog)

Cindy  (29)
Kwentong tagalog. (Tagalog)

Katrina  (27)
Ang nakakabatang kapatid ng GF ko. (Tagalog)

Ora Pro Nobis  (27)
Philippine Incest Story (Tagalog)

Indian Sisters  (26)
3 Indian sisters got fucked in farms.

NIMPO Ch. 01  (25)
Sexual escapades of one family in the Philippines. (Tagalog)

Isang Minuto Lang  (25)
Filipino couples agreed to experience foursome. (Tagalog)

Joan Ch. 03  (24)
Si Angelu, napilitan pero nasiyahan. (Tagalog)

NIMPO Ch. 03  (24)
Sexual escapades of one family in the Philippines. (Tagalog)

NIMPO Ch. 04  (23)
Sexual escapades of one family in the Philippines. (Tagalog)

NIMPO Ch. 02  (22)
Sexual escapades of one family in the Philippines. (Tagalog)

Sex with Two Sisters and Mom On Bed  (22)
Younger and older sisters.

Joan Ch. 02  (22)
Tuloy ang ligaya. (Tagalog)

NIMPO Ch. 09  (21)
Umuwi na ang tatay mula sa Saudi. The saga continues.

May physical challenge na kailangan magawa si Marie.

NIMPO Ch. 06  (21)
Umuwi si Alicia, gulong gulo ang isip.

NIMPO Ch. 10  (21)
Father and Daughter.

Shy Sleeping Mom Ch. 01  (21)
Son start playing with shy and Sleeping mom.

NIMPO Ch. 07  (21)
Sexual escapades of one family in the Philippines.

Hottest Story  (20)
You must read it. First aunty then mom then sisters...

NIMPO Ch. 08  (20)
Si Jimboy, ang Nanay at si Karen.

NIMPO Ch. 05  (20)
Sexual escapades of one family in the Philippines.

Holi Sexperience  (19)
Indian housewife seduces teen-servant & old gardener on Holi. (Hindi+English)

Seminarista  (19)
First time great sex. (Tagalog)

Scandal  (18)
Private tapes are discovered. (Tagalog)

NIMPO Ch. 12  (18)
Ang silakbo sa pagitan ni Karen at ang kanyang ama.

Sweet Sisters and Sis-In-Law  (18)
i Fuck My All Sisters and a Sis-In-Law

Sexy Sister-In-Law  (18)
Fucking my very cute & innocent sis-in-law.

NIMPO Ch. 11  (17)
Si Jimboy at ang ina; Si Karen at ang tatay niya.

Pyaasi Choot Ch. 01  (16)
The story of sex starved Indian school teacher. (Hindi)

1 forALL:Ye kaisa parivar!!! 01  (16)
Indian Family Incest Story - in Hindi (English Font).

Wife Swaps (Hindi)  (16)
Anita the pure slut!

Behan & Maa Ko Choda..  (16)
Do Bhaiyon ne behan aur maa ko mote lando se choda.

Mom & Son's Life  (15)
A Tamizh incest story.

NIMPO Ch. 13  (15)
A post was incest romance between brother and sister.

Bholi-Bhaali Vidhvaa aur Panditji  (15)
An erotic Hindi story.

Zindagi  (15)
Har zindagi ki ek apni kahani hoti hai...

Dream Girl Ch. 02  (15)
A teacher and a student romance in tagalog.

Maine Aur Papa Ne 18 Janamdin Manay  (15)
Papa & Daughter celebrate her 18th birthday with love.

Indian Whores Ch. 01  (14)
All females in Indian family are whores.

Dream Girl Ch. 01  (14)
A Filipino love story.

Wife in Need Indeed for Her Needs  (14)
Her submission to her needs.

Sister Elder and Sweetest  (13)
He fools sister, then fucks her easily.

Sexy Mom  (13)
Son helps himself.

Doctor's Cure Ch. 01  (12)
Tense wife can find relief in the hands of the right doctor.

Meri Sundar Bhabhi  (12)
love between bhabhi and devar.

Seema ki Namkeen Choot or Mota Lund  (12)
Seema ki daaastan, jissko uske papa ka mota lund mila.

Meri Suhaag Raat  (12)
How his wife will describe their first night.

Bhai-Behan... Ek Azab Dastan Ch. 01  (12)
Situations brings brother-sister together to share.

An Indian Horny Mom-Son Ch. 02  (12)
Mom her and sister's sex seen - son involved too.

Maa Bete aur Beti ki Chudai  (12)
Family me Chudai

மோகினி - காமினி - Tamil Lesbians  (11)
பூக்கள் = புணர்ந்த நாட்கள் . Lesbianed by Nun .

Sister Brother Make Great Love  (11)
I fuck my older innocent sister in all way.

1 forALL:Ye kaisa parivar!!! 03  (11)
Indian Family Incest Story - in Hindi (English Font).

shadi mein-adhi raat ko 2 ko choda  (11)
Woh Kaun Thee (dono)...by RaviG

Sex with Two Sisters  (11)
Younger and older sisters.

Inspector (Tamil Story)  (11)
Indian background Tamil Erotic Story.

Our Brother, Our Broker  (11)
Brother presented his two sisters to his two friends for sex.

Naisahan Din Kita  (11)
A twist of fate.

அக்கா தம்பி செக்ஸ்  (10)
Busts forced me into my Akka's Bouncing B

Dost ki Biwi  (10)
Amit seduces his best friend's wife.

Vasantham Marupadium  (10)
Tamil story of an Indian boy, led by his mom into her cave.

My Wife's Sister Ch. 03  (10)
Sisters swap again.

XXX Joke Adult Joke  (10)
adult jokes.

கேரளத்து ஆன்ட்டி சுனிதா (Tamil)  (10)
அவன் தன் நண்பனின் அம்மாவைப் போட்டுத் தள்ளினான்

Deviant Durga Puja Ch. 05  (10)
The climactic end of Durga Puja and a new surprise.

Shy Sleeping Mom Ch. 02  (10)
Son plays with mom more deep.

1 forALL:Ye kaisa parivar!!! 02  (10)
Indian Family Incest Story - in Hindi (English Font).

Ang Lihim Sa Liham Ni Mila  (10)
An overseas Filipina worker.

Maa ki Tadap  (9)
maa ki tadap nahi dekhi gayee aur chod diya.. aaaahhh.

Family Fite  (9)
Main bro aur randi maa (Hindi).

My Wife's Sister  (9)
A trip to mumbai leads to surprises.

Maa Aur Bete Ka Rista  (9)
maa ko chudte hue chupke dekhne main maine sbse adhik mja aa.

My Wife's Sister Ch. 02  (9)
Neighbors join in the fun.

Meri Maa Meri Patni  (9)
Mother became wife of her son.

Punishment Become Pleasure With Sis  (9)
Father give me punishment & I got pleasure with my sister.

Behan aur Maa Ko thoka  (9)
Do bhaiyon ne apni sagi behan aur maa ko choda..

Marrying Brother Ch. 10  (9)
Dad marries daughter and mom loses anal virginity.

Poor Sisters  (9)
I fuck my three sisters.

Biwi Ki Chudayi  (9)
Kaisi mere biwi ne stranger ko choda.

Hunger Mom & Son  (9)
Son becomes her sexual partner.

Dost ki BIwi  (8)
Getting his friends wife during visit to his place. (Hindi)

Aalor Kahini  (8)
A confession of an Indian girl about her incest relation.

He Fuck His Sisters With My Help  (8)
I Fuck My Sisters I Love My Sisters

Anjali's Diary Ch. 01  (8)
It's about transformation of a simple girl into a whore.

Bahu Se Pyar Pt. 01  (8)
Love story of an indian fil & dil.

Ghar Main Chudai_Mummy Ki  (8)
Mummy ko seduce karke choda ...aaaah..

Meri Mummy aur Mein  (8)
mummy ki help kee...

Scientist Viswanath (Tamil)  (8)
Indian background Tamil Erotic Story

Anjali's Diary Ch. 03  (8)
My didi's 1st porn movie & her transformation into a whore

என் அக்கா .  (8)
First ever Experience with my elder Sister

Akka Pundai  (8)
One brother fucks his sister with his wife's permission.

ek anutha rishta  (8)
steamy hot encounter with father in law.

Amma An Indian Mom  (8)
Loving mother was seduced by her son in law & forced to sex.

Mummy Ko Khoob Choda  (7)
janiye mummy ko kaise choda.

Rendu Pendaattikkaaran!  (7)
Amma: Mooththa Thaaram, Thangai: Ilaiya Tharam.

ஒரு உறவு உதயமாகிறது  (7)
விடிந்தும் விடியாத ஒரு காலைப்பொழுதில், அவளும் அவள் மகனும்...

Surprising Mom (In Hindi)  (7)
A teenage son finds his mother's secret desire

My Angel Mom & Angel Twin Sister  (7)
I fuck my mom on phone.

My Two Cousin Sisters  (7)
My two cousin sister's fuck my cousin brother.

Bhabhi ne Chodna Shikhaya Ch. 01  (7)
Indian sister-in-law teaches the art of fucking.

Without Consent - A Hinglish Story  (7)
A husband, without consulting his wife, brings his friend.

Mother & Son  (7)
A hungry mom & dutiful son.

Wife Seduces Milkman  (7)
Doodh wale ko fasaya..meri biwi ne.

Fucking My Bhabhi  (7)
Fucking my bhabhi

Lucknow to Delhi  (7)
Lucknow to Delhi.

Mausi, Maa aur Main Pt. 01  (7)
Maa bete ke chahat ko pura karwaya mausi ne.

Vidhwa Ka Faisla  (7)
How a widow satisfied herself.

Surprise Present Given By Husband  (7)
All my fantasy comes true.

Shilpa ki Suhagraat Kitni Mazedaar  (7)
Shilpa ne kaise apni suhagraat ko apne pati ka mota lund liy...

நானும் - தம்பியும் ,..!  (7)
தம்பியின் தங்கக் கம்பியை தொட்டேன் ; என்னைக் கொடுத்தேன் ;

Kalpana 01  (7)
Son reintroduces mother to the pleasures of the flesh.

My Fantasy Ch. 01  (7)
Many bollywood/tollywood stars in his fantasy. (Urdu)

Father and Mom Do It  (7)
Dad screws mom in front of son. (Hindi/English)

Amma's Sex Slave  (7)
Son discovers the pleasure being Mother's sex slave.

ek anutha rishta 02  (7)
Hot steamy encounter with father in law.

Ghar Mein Chudai_Mummy Ki Part_4  (6)
Ghar Mein Chudai_MummyKo kaise fasaya...janiye

My Fantasy Ch. 04  (6)
Teasing game continues. (Urdu)

Pyaasi Choot Ch. 07  (6)
Vibha introduces Reena to sado-masochism & pee-drinking. (Hindi)

Bhai-Behan... Ek Azab Dastan Ch. 02  (6)
Situations brings brother-sister together to share.

My Little Sister  (6)
Sex episode between brother & sister.

maa ki gaand  (6)
maa ki gaand (by ravig)

குடும்பம் ஒரு கதம்பம்.02  (6)
ஒரு குளியலறைக்குள்ளே அண்ணனும் தங்கையும்

Mausi, Maa aur Main Pt. 02  (6)
Bete ka Maa ke prati pyar ka khulasa.

Mom, Aunt & Granny in Action  (6)
South Indian guy seduce three generations. (Telugu)

Desi Sexcapades Ch. 01  (6)
Sheena's defloration.

Pyaasi Choot Ch. 02  (6)
Reena seduces more students and enjoys group-sex. (Hindi)

Morning Class  (6)
Umaga pa lang, mapapasabak na si Marie.

Safar ki Dostee  (6)
Person gets pleasure while traveling. (Hindi)

गाँव में मेरी गैंगबैंग चुदाई  (6)
Sex-starved indian housewife from city enjoys gangbang by villagers.

Chithiyum Akka Maganum  (6)
Tamil Incest.

Pyasi Mummy Badi Chuddakkad  (6)
Pyasi Mummy Badi Chuddakkad, mummy ki pyasi choot ko mera mo

My Real Life Ch. 01  (6)
It happened at my school.

A Love of a Lifetime  (6)
Middle-aged couple met over facebook, both looking for love.

holi  (6)
ननद ने खेली होली

Shy Sleeping Mom Ch. 03  (6)
On Son's request mom tells all about her past.

darzi kay sath  (6)
Hi mera nam preeti hai main 28 sal...

Anjali's Diary Ch. 02  (6)
My didi was made expert in anal sex.

Sex Relation with My Sisters  (6)
How easy I fuck my two sisters.

Salii aik Larki  (6)
kiyon k sali aik larki poori family ki maa chudwa... (Hindi)

A Birthday Gift from Father in Law  (6)
Father in law fucked me on birthday without my consent.

Brother Cools Me  (6)
Cool Indian sex with her brother. (Hindi/English)

Tagapuno  (5)
Ang kakulangan ni Venus ang kailangang punuin ni Marie.

Marrying Brother Ch. 09  (5)
When picnic turns out to be more fun.

Mummy ka Bholapan  (5)
Meri Bholi Maa ne mere cousin bhaiyya ne buri tarah se choda.

Mummy ki chudai Ghar Main 01  (5)
main mummy ko kaise pataya aur choda ye janiye.

Akkavayum Thankayyaium  (5)
En Peru Kannan. (Tamil)

Behan ki Choot  (5)
Apni behan ko uttejit kiya…

Shaziya  (5)
In Hindi.

Pooja: My Wife Ch. 03  (5)

Anjali's Diary Ch. 06  (5)
Didi was fucked by Tanu aunt's 3 brothers too.

woh (dono) kaun thee, jinko choda  (5)
raat ki baat=shadi mein-adhi raat ko 2 ko choda...(suspense)

Bahu Ne Sasur Ko Pataya  (5)
Sasur se chudwa ke pregnet ho gayee.

Pillaivaettamman  (5)
Indian mother initiates her son in a cave temple.

Mummy ki chudai Ghar Main 03  (5)
mummy ko chodne ka maja kaisa hota hai, ye jaana...ahhh.

Akka Thambi  (5)
Is he going to be a husband?

அன்று பெய்த மழை  (5)
தனிமையில் ஒரு தந்தை; உதவி கேட்டு வந்த மகள்

Mummy Meri Patni Bani  (5)
How I fucked my real mummy and enjoy.

Jeth Ji se Chudi  (5)
An Indian wife fucked by husbands elder brother.

Khel Khel Me  (5)
Rinky mere pados main rahti thi.

Maa Ki Hudai  (5)
An Indian son gets his mother. (Hindi)

Incest - உடல் உறவு .  (5)
i indulged in incest sex because my huby fucked my mom.

Ghar Mein Chudai_MummyKi_Part_3  (5)
maine mummy ko kaise seduce kiya fasaya...aaaahhh

Madhuri Ki Choot  (5)
Bollywood actress gets hot.

தனுஜாவும் நானும் (Tamil)  (5)
இரண்டு பெண்கள் காதலிகளாயினர்

My Vrou Se Donker, Beter Kant 2  (5)
Die duistere hart van 'n vrou...

Pyaasi Choot Ch. 04  (5)
Reena & Vibha seduce security-guard and enjoy threesome. (Hindi)

biwi aur keshar  (5)
biwi apne chut ki pyaas bhujaye keashar se

Gopi, Sisters & Mother  (5)
Family sex, India style.

Ravi Jijaji...pyare jijaji  (5)
ravi jijaji ne chod dala...haye...

Mummy ko Diya Mote aur Big Lauda  (5)
Kaise Banaya apni Mummy ko apne mote aur bade laude ka diwan...

Wife Pregnant–Seduc n Fukked Mummy Pt. 01  (5)
Mummy ki Chudayee dekhee......aaaahhh.

Humari Kahani  (5)
Ek married couple ki dastan.

Mom ki Chudai  (5)
More Hindi family fun.

Noorie (Pak Girl) Ko Chodaa  (5)
Noori - Brother-in-laws horny wife...mota lumba lund pasand.

Telugu Fantasy  (5)
Wild sex with mother, aunt and granny. (Telugu)

சக்கரைக்கட்டி.01  (5)
அவன் அண்ணன்; அவள் தங்கை! ஆனாலும்....!!

Mummy ki chudai Ghar Main 04  (5)
Ghar Mein Chudai_MummyKo kaise fasaya...janiye.

School Wali Ladki-Shabnam ko Choda  (5)
How I fucked Muslim Student-Shabnam_has tight pussy

Mary, A Sister or Wife?  (5)
Brother and sister become family.

குடும்பம் ஒரு கதம்பம்.01  (5)
அக்காவுக்காக ஹோட்டலில் தம்பி காத்திருந்தான்

Gaon ki kuwari bahuein  (5)
villages' virgin girls

Pyaasi Choot Ch. 09  (5)
Reena seduces auto-rickshaw driver. (Hindi)

Chella Kilikalaam Palliyilae  (5)
Indian background Tamil Story.

Didi Ke Dewar Ne Machayi Dhoom  (5)
When I came to my sister's house...

Live Chat with My Brother  (4)
First cam sex, then real sex, in the UK.

Anjali's Diary Ch. 04  (4)
Didi ko Tanu aunt ne slave bana k rakh diya.

Meri Bholi Bhali Maa  (4)
Kaise meri boli bhali mummy ki choot ne paani chhora.

கிரிஜாவின் விடுதலை.04(Tamil)  (4)
கிரிஜாவை சோனாலி மயக்கினாளா அல்லது.....?

Neha-1  (4)
Net dost ke sath chudai.

My Fantasy Ch. 02  (4)
Seduction play with bhabhies & mom. (Urdu)

Two Pussy and One Dick  (4)
Fir usne apne hath se mera lun pakad kar nisha bhabi ke chut.

Pyaasi Choot Ch. 05  (4)
Reena's threesome with Vibha and security guard continues. (Hindi)

Warm!  (4)
'n Los gelukkie op 'n snikhete dag.

Madhuri Dixit Ki Pic Aur Chudai  (4)

Mummy Ki chudai karni hai  (4)
Mummy Ki chudai karni hai...very erotic.

Jyoti  (4)
Indian man rents from her father. (Hindi)

Pishir hater Magic  (4)
Pishi ar aami. (in Bengali)

Sondige Sondagspeletjies  (4)
Ben kry 'n verjaarsdagverrassing.

Salim's Amma Become His Wife  (4)
Son & Mom find new love.

Hoofstuk 1 - Ons Eerste Ontmoeting  (4)
'n Afrikaanse Roman.

Bhabhi  (4)
Bhabhi ka figer hoga 40D-28-38 uskay boob to bahut hi bade o.

With My Sis  (4)
Indiman enjoys his sister. (Hindi)

ghar-ghar/mummy-papa ka khel  (4)
ghar-ghar ka khel aur bubbli ko chod diya...aaahhh

Ritu Didi Bhaag 02  (4)
Ritu Didi has sex.

Papa and We  (4)
Dad takes daugher to satisfy. (Hindi/English)

Baji Ke Saath Lesbian Chudai  (4)
Paki girl was introduced to lesbian sex by her elder sister.

Sonu aur Sonia  (4)
First time sex with my elder sister.

Dr. Neelam  (4)
Hot & sexy doctor gets her mate. (Indian)

Vodinaa Maridee  (4)
Sex perience with vodina. (telugu story)

Wife... Jese Ek Cake  (4)
Kya koi apni biwi ko apni tarha adultreous bana sakta he?

Anagha ki Choot Hi Choot  (4)
Pados ki bhabi ki mast chudai.

Ek en die Tweeling by die Swemgat  (4)
Loshande my beste verjaardaggeskenk ooit!!

maine maa ko nghi dekha  (4)
maine apni maa ko bathroom chupke se nghi dekha,fir uske baa

Sala ka Beevi ke Chudat  (4)
Let me describe the story in Hindi.

Aunt's Treats Her Nephew Ch. 01  (4)
Aunt satiates young Tamil boy's sexual desires.

Maa ko choda Padosi Ne  (4)
Maine Khud dekha....(ravi)

tadap maa ki mitayee  (4)
maa ki tadap kaise miti...janiye...aaaahh mar gayee

Ritu Didi Bhaag 01  (4)
A erotic coupling.

Sasur Ko Pataya Bahu Ne  (4)
bahu ki choot ki jalan shant ki sasur ne apne mote lund se

Sasi & Myself  (4)
Brother & sister sex adventures.

আনন্দপুরের আনন্দ কাহিনী - ১  (4)
এক উচ্চপদস্থ অফিসার ও তার প্রাইভেট সেক্রেটারির অবৈধ প্রেম।

A Joyful Experience of Twins  (4)
Ravi & Deepa break a taboo.

Wohi Sab Fir Say  (4)
Sex with hubby's friend.

tamil incest - Three . Ch. 01-02  (4)
செக்ஸ்ல எதுவுமே தப்பில்ல

Pillai Dhanam (Tamil)  (4)
Kamala's marriage is in crisis. She solves it with help.

Anjali's Diary Ch. 05  (4)
Didi ko Tanu aunt ne slave bana k rakh diya.

Sister-in-law Teaches Sex  (4)
Indian Bhabhie teaches sex to Devar. (Hindi/English)

Die Nuuskierige Jonger Sussie.  (4)
Sal haar nuuskierigheid bevredig word...?

Bou Bon  (4)
a Bengali widow finds her brother is the only man on earth.

குறி tamil incest - 4.Ch. 01-02 .  (4)
மாமனாரின் ஆண் குறி

1baap-beti ki kahani...sachhi  (4)
Doston yeh kahani meri 1 aur sachhi kahani hai.

Threesome with My Friend  (4)
The first time they did it. (Hindi)

Sister Fuck (Baji ko Choda)  (4)
Apni Baji ko Mazay Se Choda.

Ninaivo Oru Paravai Ch. 05  (4)
Inba surangam.

Cenevre Hilton'daki Arap Sikleri  (4)
I was gang fucked by 3 Arabs (Turkish)

Doctor Mohan  (4)
Indian background Tamil Erotic Story.

Bhabhi ne Chodna Shikhaya Ch. 02  (4)
Indian sister-in-law continues her teachings.

Vasantham Irandu  (4)
Tamil story: Indian mom saves her son from suicide.

Mummy Ko Fasaya_Part_1  (4)
Ghar Mein Chudai_Mummy Ko Choda_Part_1

Behn bhai ka pyaar  (4)
cousin ko us ke bhai se chudwaya.

கிரிஜாவின் விடுதலை.02(Tamil)  (4)
எதிர்வீட்டு பால்கனியில் ஒரு இளம் ஜோடி......

Amma, Akka, Athai, Manaivi  (4)
A tamil incest story.

Behna ki choot kholi  (4)
first time sex with sister (urdu)

ஓர் இரவு  (4)
(கணவனா மகனா என்று இருட்டில் குழம்பிய ஒரு தாய்!)

Three in One  (4)
Incest, group sex, and anal, what a family! (Hindi)

mummy ke sath shadi  (4)
mummy ke sath shadi karke pregnant kiya.