tagGroup SexMy Wife's Sister Ch. 02

My Wife's Sister Ch. 02


The trip to mumbai was full of surprises for namitha and raj as it changed their lives forever. Now Namitha is a totally changed personality in bed, she shed all her inhibitions and was ready for everything becoming more adventurous day by day just making their relationship grow stronger with hot sex every time. Phone calls were just flowing for hours and hours between two sisters describing their sexcapades in detail to each other, by the end of the phone call namitha gets very horny which will lead them to another nasty hot session. They decided to have an open marriage, but on one condition of doing it in front of each other.

They were eagerly waiting for savitha and raj to arrive, but as per her work conditions savitha hardly gets any day off which would leave us dry high. Namitha used to get frustrated whenever she comes to know of her sister's unavailability as she was clearly missing raj's big lund. Even though she was missing raj's lund, she was clearly very happy with her hubby's 9 inch tool.

Next day, rahul was taking namitha from behind in kitchen as she was cooking, the doorbell rang. Ignoring the doorbell raj was ramming his lund into his wife's cunt squeezing her big tits roughly, kissing her earlobes. "Ab chhodo bhi na rahul, koi aaya hai, zara dekhun to. tumhara lund aaj kal bahut hi badmaash hota jaa raha hai, main abhi aake iski khabar leti hoon" said namitha.She corrected her saree before answering the door and opened the door to find a couple standing.

"Namaste ji, I'm sohan and this is my wife priya."

"Namaste ji, come in and have a seat" said namitha.

Rahul was patiently waiting for namitha to come in and finish off what they were doing. He walked in to the hall stroking his cock and was startled to find a couple. There were loud gasps from priya and namitha watching him naked and rahul quickly disappeared into the kitchen apologising.

"Shaayad hum galat waqt par aagaye, hum baad me milte hain?" said priya.

"Nahin aisi koi baat nahin, aap tashreef rakhiye, main abhi aayi" said namitha.

Namitha stormed into the kitchen giggling to find rahul getting dressed quickly, she went near to him and gave a firm stroke to his cock through his pants while kissing him deeply for few seconds and said "Tumne to kamaal kardiya, bechaari priya ko apne lund se dara hi diya."

"Are mujhe kya pata ke koi ghar ke andar hai, jaaneman mai to teri gaand marne ki jaldi me tha" said rahul.

"pehele inhe bhej to loon, phir marna meri gaand fursat se mere raja(king). main to priya ko hairaan dekh kar bahut garam ho chuki hoon" said namitha.

Rahul and namitha walked into the hall to have a chat with their new neighbors who moved in last night. They learned about them a lot during their chat, priya was constantly checking out rahul who disturbed her mind with his big cock which was never missed out by namitha who was smiling all the time. Sohan has a very charming face being around 5.9 with an average body and priya was quite voluptuos with fair in colour. The best thing in priya was her ass which was quite full and round.

As sohan and priya were leaving after inviting us to the party they have arranged, priya bend forward to grab her purse from the table which made her pallu slide off reavealing her big milky white breasts hanging down barely fitting in her low-cut blouse. rahul was surprised to see her pair and was thinking of banging them pretty hard someday, she excused herself and immediately covered her tits with pallu and left.

"OMG! did you see her tits? They are bigger than mine, what do you say" said namitha.

"Come here darling, i'm gonna fuck your ass hard imagining those titties" said rahul and dragged her wife pullling her saree over her ass and ramming his lund pretty hard into her asshole. He fucked her so hard that she barely walked properly for alomst two hours. He apologised for being so rough with her but couldn't decline that he was so turned on with priya's assets and asked her help in getting priya to bed.

"Acha ab priya ki gaand bhi maroge kya? saali badi mast hai, mujhe to isse dekh kar jalan ho rahi hai, shaayad mere bhi maamey aur gaand iske jaise bade aur mote hote" said namitha.

Rahul and his wife namitha had decided to attend a house party in the neighbourhood for the first time in years. Namitha wore a beautiful green saree and a sleeveless blouse with open back which made her look gorgeous. As they entered their neighbors house, sohan and priya welcomed them with a hug, as priya gave a hug to rahul her big tits crushed between them making rahul go wild. He was surprised to see priya wearing a one piece blue sleeveess gown of knee length. With every step of priya, her tits bounced wildly under that dress leaving the guests with a hard boner.

They were enjoying the party very much, all the neighbors had a good time in the party. Rahul was just waiting for a chance to talk to priya and try his luck, priya was quite happy to have a chat with rahul while the image of his naked cock still disturbing her mind all the time. Drinks were flowing all the night, after few hours guests started to leave and that left only two couples rahul and namitha,sohan and priya.

Rahul and sohan were getting along well discussing about their works as namitha and priya were busy with girly talks. Priya was blushing heavily talking to namitha and laughing once in a while, rahul was curious to know of what they were talking about. After a while girls joined the men and were having a nice time chatting and revealing more about themselves.

"Main abhi thoda bathroom hoke aata hoon" said rahul.

"are tumhe to ye bhi nahin pata ke bathroom kidhar hai, priya inke saath jaao aur inhe bathroom dikhado" said sohan.

Rahul can't believe his luck. sohan is insisting his wife in helping him find the bathroom. Priya left with rahul in to the house leaving namitha and sohan alone in the garden. As priya was walking ahead, rahul was going wild watching her big booty sway from one side to other. He was trying to control his feelings of exploring her big white ass and licking it. Priya stopped by the bathroom and turned over to see rahul staring at her ass. she smiled and let him in waiting outside and thinking of his naked cock pissing into the toilet. she was getting horny by the pissing sound and started rubbing her pussy over her panties. she lost the time for few minutes as she was nearing her orgasm, rahul walked out of the bathroom with his dick out on hearing moans. Priya was busy playing with her pussy while rahul joined her stroking his big cock watching her, she was looking beautiful in that knee length gown rised upto her waist and playing with her pussy.

She was going wild as she was nearing her orgasm and uttered "Rahul please fuck me with your big cock damn it, i need it in my fucking pussy you bastard! fucking make me cum hhhhh....ohh.. godd..fuck me rahul fuck me...."

Rahul was surprised to know that he is her fantasy, by now priya was cumming furiously drenching her panties and the floor with her cum. That was enough for rahul to spurt his cum allover her thighs and panties to which priya opened her eyes and was shocked to see rahul cumming allover. She kept quiet until his orgasm subsided and walked away from there smiling. Rahul was going mad watching her ass bouncing with every step she took.

After a while everybody joined in the garden for few more hours of chat and decided to retire. Rahul winked at priya while leaving which left her smiling wickedly. Namitha was furious to see the sexual tensions building up between her hubby and priya. As soon as they went home, namitha confronted him about priya.

"ye kya horaha hai rahul, kahin tumne priya ko..?" asked her.

"are nahin baba, maine priya ko nahin choda, bas thoda se maze liye aur kuch nahin" said rahul.

"Tumhe apni shart yaad hai na? jo kuch karna hai mujhe poochna padega?" said namitha.

"haan haan yaad hai jaaneman, zara paas to aao aur meri pyaas to bhujaao" said rahul.

"Sohan bahut hi acha ladka hai rahul, mujhe bahut pasand aaya. shaayad humko bhi kal unhe party ke liye invite karna hoga, kya kehte ho?" asked namitha.

"Haan zaroor, ab mera lund to chooso jaan mai poora ka poora garm hogaya hoon" said rahul.

"Acha janaab woh kutiya ki wajah se aaj mera kutta bahut garam hogaya. Aisa kya kiya us randi ne" asked namitha.

Rahul described everything happened at bathroom in detail which made namitha hot and horny, she grabbed his cock, started blowing it furiously spitting on it large globes of saliva making it slippery enough to invade her ass. Rahul was surprised to see namitha getting so rough but was clearly enjoying her blowjob.

"Aa saale pehle apni biwi ki gaand to chodle, phir woh randi priya ki sochna" said namitha rising her saree over her waist bending over the dining table.

Rahul ripped off her panties in quick swift and shoved his tongue deep into her anus flicking it, making it more slippery for his cock. He drove his cock completely in a single thrust, grabbing her hair, pulling her back and pounding her hard enough to make the dining table creak.

"Wah meri randi, teri gaand bhi kya mazaa deti hai. le mera lund apni gaand me aur khaja mera lund kutti" said rahul.

"Haan haan behenchod, chod mujhe, chod meri gaand ko aur phad de ise jaise ki tu priya ki karna chahta hai, priya ki moti gaand samajh ke meri gaand phad de kutte" said namitha.

"waah saali pehle to mujhse chudti thi aur phir raj se chudwati hai, ab sohan par bhi tera nishana sad diya na randi, tera mann ek loude se bharne wala nahi hain, teri behen ki tarah tu bhi to ek randi hai" said rahul banging her harder and harder.

"ahhhhh......chod mujhe..ahhh..ohhh...meri choli phad de aur mere mammey ko zorse daba bhadve saale" said namitha.

Rahul ripped off her blouse spanking her ass hard enough to make her scream both in pain and pleasure. He groped her tits roughly from behind while giving her some furious strokes in her ass. Namitha turned her head to kiss him but she received a large globe of spit on her face from her hubby. She opened her mouth for the other one which she received instantly and swalllowed it down her throat.

After 10 minutes of fucking her ass mercilessly,rahul groaned while spurting his second load of the night into her wife's asshole which made namitha cum hard allover the table. Rahul fell over her back for a while to recover from the great fucking session. Namitha can't walk by herself after that furious fucking from her hubby, so rahul carried her into the bedroom where he laid her down on the bed and joined her.

"Aaj to mazaa aagaya jaan, tumne to mujhe jam kar choda. saali priya ki gaand ne kamaal kardiya, tumhe pehle kabhi itni berehmi se mujhe nahin choda, love you jaan.." said namitha.

"Main us priya ki gaand kaise bhi chodna chahta hoon namitha, tumhe meri madad karni hogi. Woh bhi to mujhpe marti hai, bas tumhe sohan ko sambhalna padega" said rahul.

"are mere pyaare pati, main tumhare liye kuch bhi karoongi. Tumhe priya ki to kya aishwarya ki bhi gaand laa doon, bas raj se mujhe chudne ki icha ko kabhi naa kehna. theek hai?" said namitha.

Early in the morning, rahul and namitha went to priya's house and invited them for a neighbor welcoming party which they accepted with in a moment. rahul was ogling at priya's body which was covered with a tight silky nightie revealing her shapes quite clearly, he was damn sure that she wasn't wearing anything underneath it. Priya excused herself to make some tea for them and moved towards kitchen.

"Are priya mere pati chai bahut achi banate hain, kyun na tum inhe tumhari madad karne do?" asked namitha.

Rahul was delighted that her wife is so co-operative,understanding and stood up pretty fast to move into the kitchen with priya. She accepted and took rahul into the kitchen.

The moment priya and rahul walked into the kitchen, rahul groped her ass through her nightie making her squeal with fear and delight for a moment. she turned towards him smiling and offered her lips to him to kiss passionately.Rahul was exploring her mouth slowly while squeezing her bare ass by pulling up her nightie.

"Jab se maine tumhara lund dekha hai main to tumhari diwaani hogayi, mera pati ka to bahut chota hai jo bilkul mazaa nahin deta par woh meri choot bahut achi tarah se chaat tha hai, isiliye main uske saath hoon warna kabki.." said priya breaking their kiss.

"Maine to tumhari gaand ki jitni badi aur gori gaand aaj tak nahin dekhi, meri saali ki gaand to bahut badi thi par tumhari jitni nahin, isko chodne me bahut mazaa aayega meri jaan" said rahul.

"hai raam, aaj tak meri gaand ko kise ne nahi choda. maine suna hai bahut dard hoga, tumhara lund bhi bahut bada hai. kya mai ise andar le paaongi?" asked priya.

"Waah kunwari gaand! mazaa aajayega, daro mat meri jaan main tuhari gaand bahut pyaar se chodunga, ek baar chod to loon phir tum mere peeche padogi gaand chudwaane ke liye" said rahul.

"Mujhe sharm aarahi hai, ab mujhe chhodo bhi koi aajayega" said priya.

"Are daro mat, meri chudakkad biwi ab tak to tere pati ko apna ghulaam bana chuki hogi, chalo halke se dekhte hai ke woh kya kar rahe hain" said rahul.

Priya and rahul slowly walked over to the door and sneaked out to see sohan with his back towards kitchen sucking big tits of namitha. Namitha smiled wickedly at the two sneaking from the kitchen and gestured them to carry on.

Rahul dragged priya back into the kitchen and bend her over the ktichen counter, she lifted her nightie over her hips. Rahul knelt down to devour her pussy which was dripping with wet juices, He slowly licked her pussy tasting her juices and diving his tongue deep into her pussy. Priya bit her lip in order to keep herself quite from moaning.Rahul was going wild licking her pussy and asshole at the sametime.He then slipped one finger into her pussy finger fucking her while licking her asshole.

It was hard for priya not to scream or moan but she was somehow managing herself by biting her palm or lips. By now rahul slipped another finger into her pussy and was fucking her furiously, priya can't stop herself cumming into his mouth and flooding her juices allover his face. rahul tried to catch as much as he can as she was squirting quite heavily.

Priya dragged rahul by his collar and kissed him wildly tasting her own juices of his face and lips. she was begging him to take her right there itself, she no longer cared about her hubby who's in the living room enjoying namitha's tits. But rahul declined her offer saying that tonight will be the moment, until that she need to control her feelings. Rahul and priya made some tea pretty quickly and announced loud enough to let sohan and priya to settle down before they arrived.

Namitha was watching them happily winking at priya that she had a good time with her hubby to which she was blushing pretty heavily and signalling a thank you to her. After tea, both left the place pretty satisfied and discussed everything for that night after reaching home.

It was almost 8pm, rahul and namitha were eagerly waiting for priya and sohan. Doorbell rang and in walks priya and sohan carrying some champagne and flowers. Rahul was delighted to see priya dressed up in a casual transparent red saree which contrasted her white skin beautifully. All four of them had some beautiful time chatting for few hours before settling down for dinner. After dinner they offered priya and sohan to have a look around their big house.

"Rahul kyu na tum priya ko upar waale floor se hote huve neeche waale floor tak ghar dikha laao, main sohan ko neeche waale floor se upar tak le jaati hoon aur haan aaraam se ghuma lao" said namitha.

Rahul quickly led priya to the stairs, namitha took sohan into the kitchen first. while priya was ahead of rahul on stairs, she deliberately swayed her booty more sexily to make him go nuts. Rahul was stroking his cock through his pants following her staring at her big ass, they reached the first room where they settled down for some nasty work to do.

"Kutiya, apni gaand hila hilake mujhe aur pyaasa bana rahi hai kya?" asked rahul.

"Kyun is kutiya ki gaand marne ka irada to nahin badla na?" asked priya.

"Main tumhari gaand pe marta hoon jaan, aaj to main isko bahut pyaar se chodunga" said rahul.

With that rahul pulled her towards him and kissed her quite passionately. Their tongues were dancing in each others mouth, rahul broke the kiss and started licking her cheeks making them wet with his saliva.It was a new sensation to priya, she was astonished with the pleasure of getting from his long licks on her cheeks.

"Are waah ye to bahut mazaa deraha hai, aur chato mere gore gore gaal ko, kaat khao inhe mere aashiq" said priya.

"Tumhare gaal to jaise barf ka gola hai, jitna chato utna mazaa dete hain, inhe kaatne ka mann nahin karta jaanam" said rahul.

"Bahut chahte ho mujhe mere aashiq? mujhse shaadi karoge kya?" asked priya.

"are mera bas chalta to tujhe yahin mangalsutra pehna doon, meri randi biwi bhi na rokpaaye mujhe. magar sohan acha ladka hai, main use udaas nahin karna chahta" said rahul.

Rahul pulled her pallu of her body pretty hard which made her fell on the bed on her back,she looked sexy with her blouse and pettycoat which were tightly hugging around her big natural curves.As he looked at her petticoat which got crumpled up to her knees which made her look more sexy with creamy white thighs exposed. He slowly took her legs in both hands kissing her toes and sucking them like an ice fruit.

He played with her toes for few more minutes to move towards her creamy thighs kissing and licking all the way up to her big ass which he was dreaming of banging. He lifted her petticoat over her ass and gave a soft kiss on her panty covered big ass to which she moaned in delight. He started kissing all over her ass whle pulling her panties upwards hard to make a camel toe, he completely caught her camel toe into his mouth and started moving his tongue over it. Priya was moaning pretty hard biting the pillows and grunting for more.

rahul took his time enjoying her camel toe through her panties, by the time he left her camel toe, she was screaming into orgams which made her panty totally wet with his saliva and her juices.

"That was one hell of an orgasm i had never before in my life, i love you rahul, love you so much" said priya.

"abhi picture baaki hai meri jaan" said rahul while releasing his monster to her.

"Hai ye tumhara lund jiski mai deewani hoon aaj baahar aahi gaya" said priya before taking it into her mouth and desperately trying to deep throat it which she can't.

"hai raam, ye tumhara lund kitna bada hai jo mujhse ise deep throat kiya nahin jaaraha" said priya.

Rahul then grabbed her hair and slowly guides his cock deep into her mouth to which she was gagging and her saliva was dripping onto her tits covered in that tight blouse. she never let him stop invading her mouth as she has decided to deep throat him. Atlast she managed his whole cock into her mouth as she was delighted with her achievement smiling with her eyes staring at rahul.

It was rahul who was grunting now with her deep throating him and he screamed "I'm cumming priya."

She was in no hurry to leave him as she was still sucking and deep throating his cock furiously which made him grunt before unloading his seed deep down her throat. she never missed a single drop swallowing completely, they fell on to the bed panting heavily smiling at each other.

Mean while in the ground floor, sohan was sucking namitha's tits like an infant searching for milk. she was enjoying the sensations from his suckilngs as she was holding his head pulling him to one after the other tits.

Rahul and priya were watching the whole scene from the upstairs while sohan and namitha were busy in the hall downstairs. rahul was standing behind priya who was in her blouse and petticoat groping her tits and ass while watching her slutty wife's performance.

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