tagIncest/TabooMarrying Brother Ch. 10

Marrying Brother Ch. 10


Author's note: Dear readers this chapter is the continuation to the series "Marrying brother" by pretty_tamil_girl. I suggest you all to go through the chapters and don't forget to check the 9th chapter in my submissions before you read this one.


The wedding preparations of karthik and sowmya geared up pretty fast. But mom was pretty worried about sowmya's arrival because she was afraid of how sowmya can fit in this family's new rituals(sex). She asked my help in order to clear everything to sowmya before marriage, i was more than happy to oblige her request.

I went to sowmya to reveal every bit of details she deserves to know, she was very happy on my arrival. we went on to discuss everything and i asked her about the tryst with her father to which she replied like this.


As per your suggestion on that day, i started flirting with dad more often giving him cleavage views of mine, he started staring at my tits as days passed on. I was enjoying this feeling of giving a hard-on to my own dad. One day as arvind arrived and mom took him to do some shopping as well as for grocery store, i was left alone with dad. I've decided to do some thing naughty to which i put on a transparent saree with a low cut blouse revealing more of my boobs and exposing my mid rift quite good and went on to join dad who was quite busy in watching TV. I deliberately drifted off to sleep placing my head on his thighs, after few minutes i can feel his cock touching my head making me enjoy that feeling. Slowly i moved just to make my pallu fall and let daddy see my tits with a tight blouse on and no bra beneath it.

Dad was going mad watching me and after few minutes he made his move by feeling my waist slowly, made his way to my 36c and slowly cupped my boobs through the blouse. I was feeling very horny by now and i couldn't control myself but to moan to his actions. He was surprised by my reaction as he was expecting some resistance, then he just grabbed my boobs and started kneading them pretty heavily. i opened my eyes to see my fathers lips approaching mine and i accepted them, we started kissing very passionately as dad was still playing with my tits through my blouse. He made me lay on the couch, ripped of my blouse and started sucking and licking my boobs to which i was moaning and saying " haan papa...chooso..meri chuchiyoon ko chooso..aur pyaarse chooso.ahhhh... haiiiii...margayii.... bhagwaaannn.... aur karo na daddy...aam ki tarah chooso meri chuchiyon ko dadyy.ahhhhh..."

"Beti tere chuchiyan to bahut bade hain aur inhe choosne me to bahut maza aaraha hai, kya kisine teri chudai ki hai?" asked dad.

"Nahin daddy, maine aaj tak kisise nahin chudwaaya aur mai apni kori choot aapse chudwaana chahti hoon, aap mujhe aurat banayiye, jo bhi karna ho karlijiye, main aapki beti hoon aur aap hi meri jawani lelo" said me.

"are waah tu bhi badi chudakkad hai teri mom jaisi, woh bhi to ek randi hai aur shaayad woh apne damaad ke saat kahin bahar chudai karrahi hogi." said dad.

I was surprised to hear this anju because i know about mom's tryst with your father but i didn't expect her to fuck his own son-in-law. Dad started to undress himself revealing his big cock and asking me to suck it good. i started him giving a blowjob remembering of what preeti didi does to arvind jiju which i used to watch whenever they are at home. Dad was surprised with my work on his cock and started praising me " are waah sowmya tu to bahut achi tarah choos rahi hai mere lund ko, lagta nahin ki ye tera pehla lund hai..ahhh..choos aur maze se choos mere lund ko meri randi bitiya.... ahhhh..bahut acha kar rahiho.. aur karo..ahhh."

After few minutes of good sucking he started to lick my pussy which gave me a very strange sensation through out my body."ohhh..daddyy..aur chakhona meri geeli choot ko.bahut ahca lagraha hai.. mere saare rass jhadrahe hai.ahhh..oiiimmaaa.. haaan...daddy aur karo..peelo mera saara rass." was all i was saying.

His tongue was pretty deep in my pussy exploring my inner walls and making me squeal with delight and pleasure. i started to cum bearing no more of his onslaught on my pussy "are daddy ..main jhadne hi waali hoon...ruko mat, karte raho..ahh....ohhh..daddyy..main jad rahi hoon.. ahhhhh....."

After making me cum two more times it was time to make me a woman, the one who gave me birth is now going to make me a woman. He poised his erection at the entrance of my pussy and said "sowmya.. shuru me tujhe thoda dard hoga, mujh pe yakeen karo main sabh sambhaloonga." He gave me a big thrust to which his cock went all the way in tearing apart my virginity,i was screaming in pain and screaming "daddy bahar nikalo....mujhe dard ho raha hai.. haai bhagwaan... main margayi..bahar nikalo daddy... ahhhhh.."

He then started kissing me shutting my mouth with his lips and didn't move his cock at all for few minutes, after the pain subsided he started moving his cock in and out of my pussy asking me "kaise lagraha hai?"

"haan..abhi theek hai..daddy..karo mujhe chodo ab. haii bahut acha lagraha hai.." i said.

He then started giving me hard strokes into my pussy making me squeal with delight and few strokes in, he was banging me pretty hard and pretty roughly.

"chodo na papa..zorse ..mazaa araha hai..ahhhh...ohhh... aur karo na ...ahh..papa.. bahut acha lagraha hai..ahhh...papa..chodo mujhe ab zorse chodono..ahhhh...hai..bhagwaannnn... mai ab bachi nahin rahi...aahhhh" was all i was muttering while his was driving his cock deeper and deeper into my pussy and then after few minutes of fucking he came in my pussy making me cum along with him. we just laid for few more minutes to resume our fucking session for another 4 hours as we know that mummy will be late because of her sessions with jiju. we then got ready and went outside lawn to see mummy and jiju kissing each other pretty romantically, their tongues were dancing into each others mouth and my jiju was fingering her pussy as i can see his hand disappear in her saree below. she was panting and moaning, dad and me waited and watched the whole scene. After few minutes when they broke up their kiss, we went on to join them for a chat.


On hearing what sowmya said, i was relieved that sowmya is no longer that shy and good girl, she is more of a whore now after fucking her dad at home and karthik at beach and then left the place back to home. I entered into home with a spare key and went straight to my room and was stunned to see my husband sri was licking my mom's asshole like an ice-cream, i went straight to the chair placed opposite to them and started watching the whole scene. Mom saw me and was trying to stop my hubby, but he was in no mood of stopping his act even when he saw me and i was okay with that as my mom is married to my hubby few weeks earlier.

"Anju beti, tera pati bahut ganda hai aur meri gaand marne par tula huva hai,aaj tak kisine meri gaand nahin maari,tera pati aaj meri gaand phaad dega. please meri madad karo na..ahhhhh...halke se mere jamai raja..halke se..chakho na...mazaa araha hain..pata nahin aaj tak kisine meri gand kyun nahin lee? ohh..bhagwaaannn...aisa damaad to naseebwalon ko milta hai..phad de raja..meri gaand aaj tu phaad hi deeee...." said mom.

"randi...mai tera damaad nahin tera chudaiwaala pati hoon...bhoolgayi jo mangalsutra maine tumhari gaand ke oopar bandha tha.....to mujhe pati kehke pukaar..wahh kya gaand hai teri...isko marne me mazaa aayega kyun anju?" he said shoving his big cock into her asshole and banging her hard mercilessly.

I was just watching them silently and started fingering myself after raising my saree to my waist. "Dekho meri biwi to apni choot me ungli daale apni hi maa ki chudaai ka mazaa lerahi hai. waah meri kismat to khulgayi, maa aur beti dono se shaadi ki and aur dono ko achi tarah se chodraha hoon." said while banging my mom pretty furiously.

Mom was going wild on her first anal experience screaming "Haai mere pati dev..chodo meri kori gaand ko aur aajse meri gaand hi chodna. bahut hi maza aaraha hai..kutiya ki tarah chodo mujhe mere kutte pati..main tumhari pyaari kutiya hoon.aur zorse..chodo haramzaade..apni chudaiwaali biwi ko chodo."

On hearing her words my hubby was going wild and fucking her so hard by holding her mangalsutra which was tied up her waist by my husband that bed was creaking with every stroke he was delivering into my mom's asshole and few minutes later he spewed his cum totally into her asshole an laid on her back. watching the whole scene made me cum pretty hard gasping for some breathe.

"waah mere randibaaz pati tune mujhe kabhi aise nahin choda, meri amma bhagayi kya? kya chudaai thi aur amma tune bhi kya chudaai lee hai,bahut badhiya thi" saying that i left the place for them to have some more fun. i went to preeti's room to find her sucking my brother arvind's cock and joined them.

"Didi tum yahan kya kar rahi ho?" asked arvind.

"Kyun mujhe nahin chodna chahte?" asked me.

"Are kyun nahin didi,main tumhe kaise mana karsakta hoon aakhir tum meri biwi jo ho." said arvind.

I started strippng my clothes and saw a wide smile on arvind's face as he saw my two mangalsutra's one tied to my neck and another to my waist dangling down to my cunt. I went near to him and he grabbed my tits, started sucking on them like a baby as his wife was busy with his cock down to her knees. I was enjoying his sucking and suddenly arvind left my tit and signal me to join her wife, preethi passed on his cock to my mouth to which i started sucking with all my might and making him scream with pleasure. Preeti wanted his man to get a double blowjob and made me suck his cock one side and other side it was preeti who was enjoying his manhood.

"waah meri dono randi biwiyaan mera lund choos rahi hai.kya nazaara hai, main to bahut naseebwala hoon jo meri biwiyaa itni kamini aur kutiya hain jo kisise bhi chudenge.aur chooso mera lund ahh... bahut ache..zorse...ohhhh" said arvind.

After few minutes of some furious sucking, arvind's cock was glistening with the saliva of mine and preeti and then she announced "didi aaj mujhe meri gaand chudwaani hai, maine dekha kaise sri bhayya ne mom ki gaand mari hai aur mujhe bhi bahut khujli horahi hai gaand chudwaane ki, arvind aaj meri gaand phaad do, ruko mat, kutte ki tarah iss kutiya ki gaand phad do mere raja...mujhe chodogena bolo mere raja meri gaand chodogena?"

"Haan haan meri randi aaj mai teri gaand chodunga jaise maine meri did ki gaand lee thi. aaj to main tumhari gaand phaad doonga mere lund se bas tum dekhti jaao" saying this arvind banged his cock straight in to her asshole with out any mercy and started fucking her ass pretty hard with each stroke to which she was screaming both in pain and pleasure grunting "Haan raja..chodo meri gaand aur zorse.. phaad do jaise tune didi ki gaand phad dee thi. waah kya mazaa aaraha hai, aur karo..ahhhhh.. oiii maaa... chodoooo.... haramzade..chod teri randi patni ko.. jo ek bhai chod hai. mera bhai bhi mujhe aise nahin chodta jaise tu chod raha hai..ahhhhhh...." she said and started cumming all over the place.

Arvind realeased his wife for a while who was nearly fainted with his furious fucking, came to me and started banging his cock into my asshole. without any foreplay my ass was dry, but he showed no mercy in thrusting his cock in to my dry asshole and taking the shit out of me with his fucking. I started enjoying his thrusting even it was hurting a bit and grunting "haan mere bhayya chodo tumhari behenko..lelo uski gaand..behenchod..chod apni behen ki gaand zorse..aur zorse..behenchod. main teri randi patni hoon na..chod teri randi ko.. aaaahhhhhh... ohhhhhhhh.....pakad apna magalsutra aur chod mujhe."

He started fucking me by holding the mangalsutra to my waist as i can see my other mangalsutra dangling down to my tits. It was very kinky to wear two one for my hubby and other for my brother. The clincking sound of my mangalsutra was driving him crazy as he was banging pretty roughly and started spewing his cum into my asshole. As soon as his cock popped out of my hole i was surprised to see preethi placing her lips to my asshole and swallowing the cum which was oozing out of my asshole, that was very kinky but i enjoyed it.

After our sessions the dinner was served on the table.Every one was present with delighted faces and i was happy to see a happy family which has no boundaries. After the dinner everyone retired to their rooms, i went to kitchen to get some water and i saw sri licking my mom's cunt on the kitchen counter passionately, my mom was enjoying his licking with closed eyes by holding her saree upto her waist. i was surprised to see sri spending so much of time with my mom and ignoring me, i was happy for my mom as she found a new lover who loves her so much. I left the place and headed straight to dad knowing that mom will not be available tonight as she is busy with her son-in-law husband. Dad was more than happy to see me as few days have passed out without his cock in my pussy.

"Aap khush to hai na dad?" asked me.

"Haan.Tum aisa kyun sochti ho?" said dad.

"Maine mom ki shaadi sri si kardi aur woh do jaise ki new lovers ki tarah apna samay bita rahe hai aur aap ko akela kardiye" said me.

"Are anju, main vijaya(Mom) ke liye khush hoon, woh chudna chahti hai to chude, mujhe koi farak nahin padta.main tumhare liye kuch laaya hoon, mere paas to aao" said dad.

I walked into his arms as he started kissing me and tonguing me very passionately, suddenly he broke the kiss and down to his knees he said "Mujhse shaadi karogi? main tumhe meri chudai waali patni bana kar achi tarah rakhoonga."

I was into tears as i heard what he said and started taking off my saree and stood there buck naked as i said yes to his proposal. He then took a new mangalsutra from his pocket and tied it to my waist and let it dangle to my cunt, now i've got a total of three on my body. After tying to waist he started licking my pussy so softly and slowly that i started melting to his softness, i couldn't stand anymore,sensing that dad took me into his arms and laid me down on the bed.

"Ab tum meri biwi ho, aaj hamari suhaagrat hai, aur mai tumse apna bacha chahta hoon." saying this he slowly and softly made love to me. It was not fucking,it was pure love making which i was missing these days even from my hubby. we made love the whole night. As a newly wed, i woke up early made some coffee for my new hubby and went to dad who was still sleeping. I slowly wake him up with a sloppy and sensual blowjob deepthroating him. He was smiling as he saw me sucking his cock, started grunting and panting, after few minutes of sucking he was flooding my mouth with his cum which i swallowed eagerly with out wasting a single drop.

To Be Continued...

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