tagIncest/TabooMarrying Brother Ch. 12

Marrying Brother Ch. 12


Author's note: Dear readers this chapter is the continuation to the series "Marrying brother" by pretty_tamil_girl. I suggest you all to go through the chapters and don't forget to check out the other chapters in my submissions before you go through this one.

As months passed by, our bellies started growing huge. Men in our family were happy to see their ladies with huge bellies walking around and taking care of each other. Even though ladies were pregnant, sex was in full swing with our assholes being rammed every now and then. It was very kinky to see mom with huge belly bearing my hubby's child who is gonna be my new sibling, sri was being very careful with mom as he was excited of his first child. I felt pretty strange for not bearing a child from my own hubby, so i have decided that its gonna be sri who should knock me up next time.

We took good care of sowmya as she is new to these conditions and she was overjoyed thinking of being a mom soon. There were no inhibitions in our family regarding sex, but arvind and karthik were not into mom as they were happy with other ladies in the house. Everyone was quite open about their relations, as we were used to sex in front of every member in the house. sri use to bang mom anytime, anywhere to his wish, so do the other guys in family banging their ladies as per their wish. As it was sowmya's first delivery, its a ritual that a girl should stay in her parents house until she delivers the baby. Sowmya was to leave early in the morning,but karthik was quite busy with her early morning fuck with her sister-in-law preethi, so arvind decided to drop her down at her parents house.


I helped sowmya to get in the car carefully, she was very happy to see me taking care of her. We started at 5am in the morning, it was pretty cold as wind was flowing making sowmya's nipples erect, i can notice that sowmya's tits were growing huge day by day. It was hard to concentrate on the road without ogling at her bulging tits. The blouse was hard to stop those tits bulging out of it, she caught me few times staring at her but didn't said anything but smiling. I made a move, as i cupped her full tits with one hand while managing the steering with the other, she let out a low moan by biting her lips. It was very sexy to see her doing that, i kept my work on her tits giving them some intense squeezes while pinching her nipple every now and then. Her head was tilted back as she was enjoying my squeezes by moaning.

"jiju kya mazaa aaraha hai, aap meri choochiyon ko kitni achi tarah masal rahe hain. preeti didi to bahut naseebwaali hai jo unhe aisa pati mila" said sowmya.

"Kya mai tumhara pati nahin hoon kya? tumhari gaand par mere naam ka mangalsutra bandha hai, bhool gayi kya meri saali patni?" i said.

"Are woh kaise bhool sakti hoon, meri gaand pe to aapka poora haq hai chodne ka. main tumhari madad kardeti hoon mere mammey choosne me" said sowmya.

She stripped of her blouse very quickly revealing her fully loaded milky breasts and covered them with just her transparent pallu to make them look more delightful. I just cant keep my hands of her tits as i started to knead them pretty hard by now squeezing the milk out of it, a very thin flow of milk started oozing out of her tits flowing down like a ganga river over her huge belly and then on to her pussy. she undid my pants lowering them down to my ankles, got hold of my rock hard cock and started giving me a hand job occasionally squirting her milk on to my cock and making it more slippery and smooth hand job ever i have got. I couldn't take it anymore, so i drove the car into nearby woods stopping it in a secure place.

I turned towards her to kiss very passionately while biting her lips and squeezing her tits pretty hard. I can sense her breathing getting hard and i was sure she was about to cum just by kissing and getting squeezed. I moved my hand towards her pussy and rubbing her slit with my thumb to which she started screaming into my mouth and came. Her saree was drenched with her cum by now, she didn't care about it. By now i started sucking on to her tits tasting her sweet milk gulping as much as i can and went on to kiss her letting sowmya taste her own milk from my mouth.

I stepped out of the car naked below waist walking to the other side of the car and helped sowmya to get out of the car carefully. I took out one of her saree from her luggage and placed it on the grass so that she can rest on it while i fuck her. Once she got comfortable on the saree, she took my cock into her mouth with out wasting the time and it was a very mind-fucking blowjob with her squirting milk on to it and sucking it. A few minutes into the blowjob and i was on the verge of cumming. So i withdrew my cock from her mouth and asking her to lay down carefully to which she responded by laying down comfortably and carefully.

"Sowmya aaj tak mere lund ko itni achi blowjob kisine nahin dee, tu to bahut talented hai. Abhi main tumhari gaand maaronga bahut dheere se taaki tujhe koi takleef na ho" i said and knelt down to taste her pussy. I raised her saree up to her waist and drove my tongue into her pussy and asshole, i pressed my tongue into her asshole making it more wet for the action while slowly fingering her pussy. She was squealing with delight encouraging me to do more.

After making her cum once again,i asked her to rest legs on to my shoulders to which she did. I slowly guided my cock into her asshole as it was quite slippery with my saliva allover it, my cock popped in very easily as i can see it in her eyes that she was enjoying this moment of her life. Slowly but carefully i started moving my cock in and out of her ass milking her tits with my squeezes.

"Ahhhhh jiju..chodona jiju zor se..meri gaand kunwari nahin hai, aapke bhai ne to uski bahut dhulaayi kee hai.ohhhh..aur chodo na mere chudakkad pati....behenchod pati....chodo apni behen ko aur zorse ahhhh..kutte..chod mujhe..chod teri randi biwi ko..chod behenchod...." said sowmya.

Her words were driving me crazy and making me go wild, but i was careful not to hurt her as she was nearing her delivery date with in a month. So i bent down carefully to shut her mouth with my lips, she was kissing back pretty wild and suddenly she spit in my mouth a large globe of her saliva. I was surprised by her wildness, broke the kiss and went on to fuck her slowly.

"jiju mere face pe thookona..gandi cheez ki tarah thooko mujhpe. main aapka thook chakhna chahti hoon" said sowmya.

I was surprised by her request and slowly dropped a large globe of saliva directly into her mouth, which she swallowed and spit back on to my face covering it with her saliva. I started enjoying this new sensation as we continue spitting on each other.As she was under me, she was well covered with my saliva making her face sticky and stinky. I bent down to lick every bit of it from her face and dropped into her mouth and then she did the same on to me. we kissed passionately spitting into each others mouth and making strings of saliva between each others lips. Looking into her passionate eyes, i started to fuck her faster and spurted a huge load into her ass. we lay back there for a while kissing and groping each other.

I helped her in putting on a new saree and we drove back to her house pretty fast. Luckily, as it was early in the morning we didn't get caught. That was one hell of experience with my sister-in-law. when we reached her house, her mom looked at us suspiciously as we were looking pretty tired early in the morning. she took her daughter into her arms happily and helped her in getting into the house carefully.sowmya went to her room to take rest, her father was out on morning walk which left me and mother-in-law alone in the house.

"Tum dono bahut thake huve lagte ho, kya baat hai?" asked mother-in-law.

"Aapki beti meri chudaaiwali biwi hai, bhool gayi kya aap? maine use jhadiyon ke paas aaj subhe ache se chudaai ki hai, aur aaj to maine uski gaand bhi maardi, kaho to aapki bhi maar loon?" asked me.

"Haraamzade meri bachi ki gaand ki pyaass bhujakar aayeho, meri kab bhujaaoge? main bhi to teri randi hoon, mujhse bhi shaadi karle kutte. mera beta teri maa ko chod apna bacha paida kar raha hai, tu kya jhak mar raha hai? behenchod...mujhe tera bacha chahiye, meri god bhi bharde mere jamaai raja" said her.

"Tu to meri chinaal hai, main tujhe jab chahoon chodunga, kutti mere lund ke liye bahut betaab hai tu saali, ab mera bacha bhi chahiye tujhe? main tujhse shaadi nahin karoonga par tujhe bacha zaroor doonga kamini" saying this i pushed her to the wall and started fingering her furiously. she was undoing my pants quickly and started stroking my cock which was hard by now listening to her dirty words.

"waah mere raja, tera lund mast khada hai meri randi beti ko chodne ke baad bhi. De mujhe ye lund meri choot me aur phad de meri geeli choot ko jo tere lund ki pyaasi hai. mera pati aane tak main teri gulaam hoon, jo karwana hain karwaale aur jo karna hai karle aakhir main jo teri chinaal hoon" said her.

I roughly turned her back to me, raised her saree tugged it in her waist band revealing her panty covered ass. I knelt down and kissed her ass cheeks, pulling her panty up to make a camel toe of her pussy lips and then kissing it ferociously. she was screaming in pleasure with loud grunts, i kept my rough invasion on to her pussy making her squeal with delight until she came in her panties. I took of her cum drenched panty and we took turns licking it, i shoved that panty into her mouth in order to shut her mouth making loud moans. i dragged her into the kitchen, bent her over the counter and rammed my cock with full force to which she was screaming in her panty covered mouth.

"kutti le mera lund apni chudakkad choot me, saali bahut taras rahi thi is lund ke liye, ab lena randi. Tere ghar ki har aurat meri randi hai par tere jaisi chinaal nahin koi nahin, tere chootad bhi kya mast gol gol hain, aaj to waqt nahin hain par teri gaand zaroor maroonga kabhi" saying this i started banging her pretty hard and rough until she was cumming on to my dick.

I slammed into her again and again showing no mercy on her pussy and spurted my second load of the day into my mother-in-law's pussy. As we finished our session, i turned over to see sowmya fingering her pussy at the door, mom was too busy in adjusting her saree that she didn't notice her. I quickly went to her and dragged her to the bathroom where i fingered her to her orgasm. As i was leaving, i met my father-in-law at the door, had a small chat with him and then drove back to house to see my wife preethi having a shower. I stripped off my clothes to join her, she was surprised to see me naked behind her.

"kya huva subah shower karke nikle the aur ab phir se shower?" asked her.

"kya karoon randiyon ko chodte thak chuka hoon socha shower lete hain, maine teri maa aur behen ki achi se chudaai karke aaraha hoon.kal raat tujhe to achi tarah choda maine, phir subah subah mere bhai se kyun chud rahi thi?" asked me.

"kya karoon arvind, tumhara bhai mera gulaam hai. main uske saat sab kuch karti hoon jo main karna chahti hoon magar meri pasand se.tumhare paas meri ek nahin chalti to main use apna paltu kutte ki tarah istemaal karti hoon" said preeti.

"acha to tum uske kya kya karwati ho?" asked me.

"main uske upar peshaab karti hoon, woh mera peshaab peekar mujhe chodta hain. tum soch bhi nahin sakte waise kaam karwaati hoon usse" said preeti.

I was horny by now listening to her kinky secrets. so i slammed my cock into her hole without any intimation fucking her smoothly while she bends over the toilet. she was surprised but very happy to have another session in less than two hours. I kept banging her pussy until she was cumming allover the place and another ten minutes i was cumming into her mouth. Now that she is pregnant, i skipped the idea of pissing into her mouth. In less than 5 hours i had fucked all the ladies from my inlaw's house, what a day it turned out to me.

To Be Continued....

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