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Onthou asb om te stem as julle van die storie hou. Dit is die enigste manier om vir Literotica te oortuig dat daar wel 'n plek vir Afrikaanse stories is hier ...

Spreekkamerkaskenades by The_Dolphin

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My friend Bill has a wife who has been edgy and nervous, probably from pressure at work but also due to issues in her home life. Bill and I have known each other for a few years, and I've met his...

Doctor's Cure Ch. 01 by Magna12

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Loving Wives

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1.'n Skelm Rapsie Op Kantoor
My getroude vriendin en kollega word geraps! by The_Dolphin (09/01/03)
4.45 (256)
Onverwagte pret in die spreekkamer... by The_Dolphin (10/01/03)
4.41 (130)
3.My Vriend se Vrou
'n Onbetaalde rekening lei tot 'n interessante hoogtepunt. by The_Dolphin (09/24/04)
4.37 (101)
4.Marli Se Flirtasie Ruk Handuit
Maar haar man is daar om 'n ogie te hou. by The_Dolphin (06/11/04)
4.36 (116)
5.Doctor's Cure Ch. 01
Tense wife can find relief in the hands of the right doctor. by Magna12 (06/21/15)
4.26 (127)
6.Pyaasi Choot Ch. 01
The story of sex starved Indian school teacher. (Hindi) by reena_kanwar (11/13/02)
3.98 (196)
7.Dost ki BIwi
Getting his friends wife during visit to his place. (Hindi) by Amot_b (12/06/02)
3.97 (119)
8.My Wife's Sister
A trip to mumbai leads to surprises. by jamesonly4u (04/25/12)
3.47 (101)
Ang asawa ng bestfriend ko. (Tagalog) by JoaquinTorresIII (03/18/06)
3.42 (219)
10.Fucking of Sunita
Seduction of friend's wife. (Indian/Hindi) by Rusabhshah (05/02/03)
3.36 (226)
11.Joan Ch. 02
Tuloy ang ligaya. (Tagalog) by JoaquinTorresIII (04/04/06)
3.35 (100)
12.बेबी (Marathi)
मराठी चावट कथा by vickyvicky (08/15/10)
3.34 (414)
13.Humari Kahani
Ek married couple ki dastan. by couplechat (07/31/08)
2.80 (352)
14.माताराणी (Marathi Chawat Katha)
एक प्रचिन चावट कथा (Chawat Katha from ancient India) by vickyvicky (09/27/10)
2.60 (1168)